Baja Boat Covers

Baja Boat Covers
Baja Boat Covers

Chicago Marine Canvas offers custom Baja boat covers and boat tops for all Baja boat makes and models.

Baja makes some of the most gorgeous boats and you should have a beautiful marine canvas to match!   Like Baja, we work we work Sunbrella Marine Canvas but do offer more rigorous marine canvas such as Stamoid which is 100% waterproof and ideal for boat covers.

Factory canvas will typically last around 10 year before it starts to show problems but many owner like to make changes to their canvas design.   When you purchase your Baja it most likely came with a mooring boat cover but what if you need a little shade?  A Bimini top might be exactly what you need.  There are many option for boat covers you could use on your Baja boat, it really depends on your needs and how you plan on using your boat.  Chicago Marine Canvas will always discuss your canvas needs and find the right cover or top for you.

After discussing your boat and canvas needs, we’ll digitally measure your boat creating 3D rendering of your project.   This process separates us from most canvas companies and allows for easy adjustments for windows, zippers and fasteners.   The end result will be a perfect fitting boat canvas cover or top.   Our promise is to delivery these solutions on time and within budget.

Contact Chicago Marine Canvas today to get your customer Baja boat covers.

Baja Boat Covers

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