Marine Frame Design

Marine stainless steel framing

When building a home it starts with a good foundation, the same goes for boat covers and enclosures. A beautiful boat canvas enclosure needs to be built on a solid and sturdy frame. Otherwise, you will be making an investment that will have a limited lifespan. Chicago Marine Canvas offers marine frame design services for boat and yacht in the Chicago area. We can replace an existing frame, alter a current design or add something totally new that fits your specific needs.

Replacement framing

Most of the time you can just look at a boat’s framing and immediately realize it is no longer “square”.  Frames will degrade over time from general usage, exposure to the elements and misuse. One common misstep on older boats is not repairing broken fittings immediately. When there is a breakdown in one area, stress is typically added to another area of it which typically fails when excessive force is applied. This can be caused by wind, storms or a boater using the frame to balance in rough seas.

Chicago Marine Canvas will analyze your current frame and make the necessary recommendations if you require a new frame on your yacht of boat.

New Designs

Looking to make a few minor adjustments or build something total new? We can help! Chicago Marine Canvas works with the latest design technology which will have your vision become reality. We’ll take measurements of your boat then design your new frame reviewing these mockups with you making the necessary adjustments.