Strataglass care and Maintenance

Strataglass is known for their flexible marine enclosure windows. The windows are highly durable and contain a scratch resistant coating. It should have a lifetime of 2-5 years when properly cleaned and used with the protective polish and protective cleaner. 

Strataglass VueShield prevents scratches from normal use, like washing, drying, rolling up ect. The coating also includes UV protection. The company has a Protective Cleaner and Protective Polish that are recommended for use. Using other products may damage the material and cause the warranty to be voided. 


The protective cleaner will also help get rid of harmful liquids, chemicals, or sprays that get on the materials surface. On the Strataglass website you can a find a link to the warranty registration. With this warranty you are protected for up to two years. 


Rinsing Strataglass Curtains: First, rinse the curtains with clear water to get rid of salt or environmental abrasives. Then dry with a microfiber towel or air dry. 

Polishing Strataglass Curtains: As a way to maintain the warranty and extend the lifespan of the curtains it’s important to polish it every 1-2 months. First wash and dry, then apply a light coat of polish on the inside and outside surfaces with a soft cotton cloth. Then lightly go over it again with a microfiber cloth till it shines.