Electric Elk: Custom Aluminum Welding and Enclosure

Unveiling Electric Elk

Discover the thrilling world of biking in Chicago and elevate your riding experience with Electric Elk with the help of Chicago Marine Canvas. With a purpose-driven mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy, Electric Elk designs and produces electric bikes that combine cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly materials. With a commitment to innovation, their electric bikes redefine urban mobility, offering style, substance, and a greener commuting alternative.

First Prototype
Second Prototype

Custom Aluminum Welding

Using the vision of Electric Elk, Chicago Marine Canvas worked on custom aluminum welding to create a sturdy cover that encompasses the entire bike. Our team worked with Electric Elk to create the first prototype (left) which was then expanded into the second variation (right). The result was a lightweight and durable addition that seamlessly integrated strength and aesthetics, providing the perfect solution for urban biking adventures.

Custom Canvas with Isinglass Windows

After the frame was created, the next step of the bike remodel project involved outfitting the bike with a custom canvas enclosure. Electric Elk’s primary concern was protecting their belongings and the rider from unpredictable weather while maintaining visibility. To address this, our craftsmen expertly incorporated Isinglass Windows into the design. This transparent and resilient material allowed for clear views while safeguarding the area against the elements.

Commitment to Excellence

The Electric Elk Project is a testament to our expertise and demonstrates Chicago Marine Canvas’ commitment to excellence. By combining Custom Aluminum Welding with a custom canvas enclosure featuring Isinglass Windows, we created a biking experience that excels in both form and function. Learn more about Electric Elk through their website: Electric Velomobile – Electric Elk. Beyond bike remodels, our team offers a diverse range of services, from custom boat covers to marine upholstery, ensuring we cater to all your outdoor needs.

United Airlines Aircraft Cover

Back in 2020 when Covid19 was at its peak there wasn’t as many flights taking off. This resulted in many United aircrafts being grounded and planes being stored.

As a result, animals were finding their way into the engines. And with the landing gears sitting outside exposed for so long, this led to the need for many covers and fast.

United reached out to us and within a few weeks we mass produced landing gear and engine intake/exhaust covers for over 75 aircrafts. The airplane models were A319, A320, 737, 757, 767, and 777. 

Although we hope they never need to use all of the covers again under these circumstances, this was still one of our favorite projects to work on. 

To make these covers we first had to go to O’Hare airport with our 3D portable measuring device to get the measurements of the engines and landing gears. Once the measurements are taken, we are able to create a digital template on the computer. From there our automatic cutting table cuts the fabrics. Then aseamstress sew all the pieces together. 

As you may know, we are commonly known for our marine canvas work. But what you might not know is we work on all kinds of sewing/upholstery projects. In the past, we have made patio furniture covers, sunshades, grill covers, equipment bags, and so much more

Check out this page to learn more about the other non-marine projects that we have worked on. Essentially, if you can image it, we can create it!

Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Outdoor Kitchen CoverWinter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get a custom outdoor kitchen cover created. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we do custom covers, for any outdoor area, to protect it from the elements during our seasonal changes.

We partnered with EDG Patio & Shade to help protect one of their recent jobs here in the Chicago area. EDG Patio & Shade does custom commercial, or residential spaces for people looking to spend more time outside!

For this outdoor kitchen cover we used Seamark in Toast Tweed. Seamark fabric, is Sunbrella fabric with a marine grade vinyl coating on the inside, this helps make it extra waterproof ensuring that no water, gets through the weave of the fabric.Outdoor Kitchen Cover

We used Lenzip zippers on this outdoor kitchen cover which have a lifetime guarantee. We added zippers, so that the cover can allow easy access to different parts of the kitchen area. This way the customer can use  the kitchen still, while the cover is still on other parts not

Private Jet Service Carpet Runner

Private Jet Service Carpet RunnerThis past winter, Chicago Executive Airport contacted us, asking if we could do a carpet runner for one of their private jets. The Embraer Legacy 500 is a 12 passenger luxury jet with a 6 foot high cabin, fully berthing seats, and low cabin noise to make sure your journey is enjoyable. These customers wanted a floor runner for when the jet is in the hanger.

The first step to our process is heading out to the airplane to take measurements. This is a quick and easy process for us because of our 3D measuring device. It helps us precisely take measurements of the interior flooring of your jet, to ensure every millimeter will be covered. After we gather all the Private Jet Service Carpet Runnermeasurements we need, we head back to our shop and start our design process. Here we use CAD (Computer-Aided- Design) Software to prepare our pattern for our seamstress. Finally, once we finish up our design process, we send the pattern over to our plotter. Which consequently draws out each piece to the pattern quickly and perfectly as a result.Private Jet Service Carpet Runner

For this service carpet runner, we used Grand Reserva vinyl. This vinyl has a polyester microsuede backing, so it is soft yet durable on both the front, Private Jet Service Carpet Runnerand the back. Above all, this is an aircraft certified vinyl that is flame resistant, anti-microable, and anti-bacterial.  Most noteworthy, you can clean this fabric with just a mild soap and water. We used Solarfix thread on this carpet runner. SolarFix has a lifetime guarantee. It is UV, chemical, and weather resistant.

Right now, we are currently in the process to begin to work on aircraft upholstery through the FAA! This is super exciting and allows us to open our doors to the aircraft world!

Inflatable Engine Shelter For American Airlines

This past winter we got an phone call from American Airlines asking for repair service to an inflatable engine shelter.

We went onsite to O’Hare  to do the repair with our portable Sailrite Ultrafeed sewing machine. This portable machine is great because we can take it out to larger jobs that can’t come to the shop.

Repair Inflatable Engine Shelter For American Airlines Airplane These igloo shelters are necessary to protect the engine and workers while its being repaired in colder weather. The inflatable structure is equipped with two portable generators. They supply heat to the portable space and power lights so that the Tech Ops can have proper working conditions. The front of the igloo is easily detachable.  This allows you to have enough room to move the engine inside and back out after the repairs are finished. This helps speed up repairs when there isn’t enough room to bring the plane inside, or if the plane is much to big.

This igloo in particular had a small rip in one of the seams that was causing an air leak. We came out, sewed it up making sure it was nice and secure so these guys could get to work in the Chicago winds during the winter!

Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasWhen it comes to custom outdoor kitchen areas, we are the right company to call. Why? Because we only create custom covers, meaning we can basically make whatever you want! For this outdoor kitchen area we created a custom slip cover.

Our process starts out by us traveling out to your home to take measurements with our 3d measuring device. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use lots of labor-saving, cost-effective tools that save us time, and you money.

After we gather the measurements, we head back to our shop and we start the design process. Here we make sure to accommodate to any needs while making sure to execute the right design for your outdoor area.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasOnce our design process is all done, we draw out all the pieces of your new cover using our plotter, which is another one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools that we use here in the shop. After that, our seamstress cuts everything out, and starts sewing it all together.

For this outdoor cover we used SeaMark fabric in Navy. SeaMark fabric is a combination of a woven acrylic facing with a textured marine grade vinyl backing on the inside. SeaMark is extremely colorfast, fade resistant, and durable because of its vinyl backing. The strength of this fabric allows it to withstand the toughest conditions, even the winds here in the windy city! It is salt, moisture, sun, wind, and temperature resistant. SeaMark fabric has a 5 year warranty.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasWe used SolarFix thread in black to sew up this cover. SolarFix is a 100 percent PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) fiber. It has a lifetime warranty, meaning no more restitching repairs once your cover has been out in the elements for a few years. This will save you time, and money in the end!

Along the bottom edge of this cover we added 1 1/2 inch webbing for durability to ensure that the fasteners we attached to this cover, wouldn’t rip through the fabric in high winds.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasIn the back area, and on the side we added 2 Lenzip zippers. Lenzip has a lifetime guarantee as well. We added these two zippers into the design to help ensure that the customer will get their cover on and off with ease.

So if you have a different outdoor area, that you can’t seem to find a cover for, give us a call and well help keep your investment clean and dry all year round!



Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Outdoor Custom Kitchen CoverIf you have a custom outdoor kitchen space you may be in need of one of our custom covers. Due to the different shapes, set ups and materials used, you may be unable to find one that will work with your custom design.

With a custom cover from us, we make sure that your piece is totally covered and secured to the space. This is a great way to keep snow, rain, and debris off of a piece like this so it will last you many years through each change of the seasons.

We always start off by coming out to your space and taking measurements with our 3d measuring device. This machine helps save us time and you money due to how quick and efficient the process is. After that we go back to the shop and do some design work on the computer, making sure we have all of your requests and needs in mind. Once we finish the design work, we plot out all of the fabric pieces with a plotter we have here in the shop, which also saves us time and you money!

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Close Up

For this cover we used K Tex fabric in grey, Sunguard grey thread, and grey chain zippers. K Tex is a vinyl coated fabric that helps reassure that if water or snow sits on this fabric, it wont go through it. That way what is underneath this cover stays dry and safe from the outside elements.

We used a fastener called twist the dot on this cover. The pieces attach to the outdoor kitchen themselves and then are secured to the cover. This way the cover wont fly away in high winds. We also added two zippers on each corner for easy on/off access to the kitchen area. As well as two zippers near the grill area, if these customers want to use their grill while keeping the rest of the kitchen covered.

U-Shaped Rooftop Couch

Custom Cover For U-Shaped Rooftop Couch; UnzippedHere in the city a lot of buildings have recreational areas on their rooftops. Some of them have permeant furniture that stay up all year round, rain, sleet, or snow. Its important to protect your outdoor furniture from the sun and other elements to help them last longer.

These customers had a u-shaped couch that needed to be protected all year round. So we went on site on site to where the couch is located. Once we get out there we get out or handy 3d measuring device. This thing is so easy and efficient to use that it ends up saving us time and you money at the end of the day. After we get our measurements and take some photos of the area, we head back to the shop and start the design process. When designing this cover we made sure that water and snow could run off of it by making sure that there was a nice tight 45 degree angle from the back of the couch down to the front area. After we finish up the custom design, we plot out all of the pattern onto the fabric and let our seamstress get to work!

Custom Cover For U-Shaped Rooftop Couch; ZippedWe used Sunbrella fabric in black to create this cover along with Sunstop polyester thread in black. Sunbrella is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty!

In each corner of this cover we put a chain zipper for easy on and off access. If they want to access a part of the couch they can leave the other parts covered, and it also helps it get on a little easier!

Around the edges we added 2″ black webbing for extra reenforcement so we could securely attach the cover to the couch. That way when the great winds of the windy city come, this cover is safe and securely attached, making sure that this couch will be dry through all the seasons!


Red Bull Truck Enclosure

We got a call from Red Bull explaining that they would be needing a cover for their truck that would be touring the country in 2017.

They wanted something that would withstand wind, and any kind of weather, and they wanted the cover to be a black matte. So we instantly knew what kind of materials we were going to use for this cover, we were going to use Stammoid heavy, and makrolon  for the windows, and GORE Tenara thread in black for sewing it up. If you are interested in seeing some of the testing on this fabric check out this awesome video done in the labs on how durable this fabric is!

For this cover we had to get a little more creative then usual. Since the truck was metal, we sewed in some super heavy duty magnets in the bottom hem, so that the cover would stay secure to the truck and wouldn’t go flapping in the wind when they are driving.

We also used keder to attach to the inside bottoms of the cover that slides into a track on the truck to help ensure its secureness to the truck.

Over all, this cover came out great and is out on the road as of last week working its way around the country!


Outdoor Grill Cover

Outdoor Grill Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

We often fabricate custom outdoor grill covers for customers in the Chicagoland area. These covers protect the counter tops, sinks, grills, and cabinets from the different weather changes here in Illinois. Things like snow, water, ice and dirt can make your grill and your beautiful cooking area have a shorter life span. With a custom cover, you can help protect your investment!

Outdoor Grill Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

All of our covers are custom made. We start off all of our jobs by going out to our customers house to take measurements using our 3D measuring device. This is one of our many labor-saving, cost-effective tools that we use here at Chicago Marine Canvas. With this tool, we can quickly take measurements, rain or shine, even with Chicago winds! After we gather all of our measurements, we head back to our shop and our designer starts the design process. Our designer uses CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software to draw up your new cover. With this program, we can see everything in 3D, allowing us to make sure that our customers cover is perfect and just how they want it. For this cover, we made sure that the grill could still be accesses if needed in the winter. So we made sure to add zippers on both sides of the grill so the grill area can be exposed and can be used all year round. Outdoor Grill Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

For this outdoor grill cover we used Sunbrella fabric in Walnut Brown Tweed. Sunbrella fabric is fade resistant and comes with a 10 year warranty. We used Lenzip Zippers for the easy access flap. We also put black webbing along all of the outside edges of the cover so we could put snaps to attach the cover securely to the home, deck, and grill area! Making sure that your cover will not go flying away in Chicago winds!