Sundancer Custom Sunpad

Sundancer 300 Custom Sunpad By Chicago Marine CanvasWe did a full enclosure for this Sundancer 300 in the beginning of this summer. After their enclosure was finished, they were out crusin’ and lost their sunpad! It flew off their boat, so we got to make them a new custom sunpad!

Everything we create here at Chicago Marine Canvas is custom made. That means we can make you whatever your heart desires. Maybe your last sunpad didn’t have enough straps to secure it to your boat, so you lost it on one ride like this customer…we can take that into consideration on your new custom sunpad!

We start off all of our jobs by going on site to  your boat to take measurements. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use lots of labor-saving, cost-effective tools. Our 3D measuring device is one of those tools! We can quickly measure your boat then head back to the shop. At the shop our designer gets to work. We do Sundancer 300 Custom Sunpad By Chicago Marine Canvasall of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) software. After we finish up all the design work, we send everything over to our plotter, another one of our cost-effective, labor-saving tools. Our plotter can draw out the pattern for your new sunpad in minutes instead of us taking hours to do it by hand. This way everything comes out perfectly and its done quickly and efficiently!

For this sunpad we used Sunbrella upholstery fabric in the color flagship silver. Sunbrella is a fade resistant canvas we use on most for most of our jobs, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. We used foam from active foam for this Sundancer 300 Custom Sunpad By Chicago Marine Canvasproject, we chose Dryfast 4048. Dryfast foam is a open cell foam that is extremely porous allowing water to go through the foam, instead of retaining it like a sponge like other foams. On the underside of the cushion we did a white screen with a large u shaped chain zipper for easy removal of the foam. That way you can easily wash your new sunpad cover if it gets dirty when you are using it this year! For thread we used SunStop in white and black. We created custom straps for this sunpad to attach to the boat. For this we used 2″ webbing that way the straps were secure and wouldn’t rip through the fabric. We also added a large pocket all along the back of the head rest for small things like cell phones, sun screen or anything else you want to keep secure when you are out on the water!

Need A New Bow Cushion?

bow-cushionCheck out these two custom bow cushions we designed.

Using Sunbrella fabric we came up with custom cushion designs. The foam we used is Dryfast bow-cushion-longfoam, that doesn’t hold onto water when it gets wet. We also put screens on the bottom of the cushion to help with drainage from the Dryfast foam.

Both of these cushions have snaps on them to help ensure that the cushion will stay attached to the boat, when going on adventures. The snaps can be hidden or visible, up to you!