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Regal Cockpit Cover

Regal Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasIt’s important to keep your boat covered all year round when it isn’t in use, to protect your interior upholstery, flooring, and your electronics. This customer called us up needing a new cockpit cover for their Regal to match their bimini top.

We aren’t your typical boat shop, here at Chicago Marine Canvas all of our covers, biminis, enclosures, upholstery work, and flooring is custom made to fit your boat perfectly. That means for all of our jobs we have to have access to your boat. We start off each project by going out to your  boat and using one of our many labor-saving, cost Regal Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine Canvaseffective tools, our 3D measuring device. Nothing can slow us down with this tool! We can quickly take measurements of your boat rain or shine! After we gather the measurements for your new cover, we head back to the shop so we can start our design process! All of our work is done on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) software. We can easily see the end product using this tool, making sure all of your design needs are met for you and your boat. Once we finalize the design, we send the pattern for your new cover over to our plotter. Our plotter is another one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools we use here at Chicago Marine Canvas. It quickly draws out each piece perfectly that our seamstress needs to draw out. Then all of the pieces get cut out and our seamstress can start to sew it all together.

Regal Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasOn this Regal, we used Sunbrella fabric in navy for its new cockpit cover. We love using Sunbrella fabric for cockpit covers! It is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty! To sew this all up we used Sunstop polyester thread in black. Then we bound the new cover in 1 inch Sunbrella binding in navy to ensure that all the ends are securely covered so this cover will last and won’t fray! We also added a Boat Vent II to the center of this cover to help prevent pooling, create airflow, and reduce mildew. This cover was attached to the boat with DOT snap fasteners so it wont blow away!!! We also did custom boot flaps with velcro around each pole for the framing to ensure a perfect fit and to prevent water from getting in at those areas!

If you are looking for a custom cover with a perfect fit, give us a ring this winter so we can help keep your boat dry all year round! Our shop is open all year, which can help you be prepared when it’s time for your boat to get in the water at the beginning of the season!