Carver Boat Covers

When it comes to finding the right boat covers and boat tops for your Carver Yacht, there are few that can match the overall quality of a custom Chicago Marine Canvas boat top. From the custom design to the high quality materials that are used, this is the type of marine canvas that will last for years while offering great protection from the wind, elements, sunlight and other factors that can affect the interior of your boat.

Carver-Boat-CoversThe proper use of such covers can effectively prevent certain types of damage from occurring while the strength of the material will help delay most boat canvas repairs as well.

The Advantages of Carver Boat Covers

There are numerous benefits to using boat covers, whether you spend a great deal of time on your craft or if you keep it in open-water storage for most of the year.

  • Sunlight Protection: The damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun will cause seat vinyl and other materials in most boats to age prematurely and fade over time. However, using the proper boat covers will greatly extend the life of these materials and allow them to keep their color and integrity for a longer period of time.
  • Resistance to the Elements: The wind, rain, and other weather conditions can take a real toll on your boat when it is not in use. This also includes the heat and cold as well which can damage the vulnerable materials found inside your boat. Proper boat tops will help prevent much of this damage from taking place which means that the interior of your boat will last longer and be in need of fewer repairs or replacement.
  • Durability: The marine canvas used to make the custom cover will last up to a decade or more under normal conditions that includes resisting the heat of summer and the cold of winter while repelling the salt spray or keeping out the harsh light of the sun.

Why Use Custom Boat Tops?

Carver-Bimini-TopWhile some might argue that you can save money by using generic boat covers, the truth is that having a custom marine canvas covering your Carver Yacht is going to be more beneficial in the long run for the minor increase in price.

A custom boat top is precisely measured so that it fits as perfectly as possible while providing the maximum protection to your boat. This will means that the canvas will be properly fitted while having the minimal amount of materials needed so that it can be stored easily.

Plus, a custom fitting means that all the areas of the boat that would impair the ability of a generic covering to properly protect is now addressed. Your custom cover will not only work properly, but will be made of materials strong enough to limit the boat canvas repairs and save you money.

All you need to do is get in contact with Chicago Marine Canvas to discuss our boat covers and boat tops so you can order the right one for your needs. A custom model will be measured to fit the exact dimensions of your Carver Yacht so that your boat can enjoy many years of protection.