Azimut 39′ Flybridge

Azimut 39' FlybridgeA great way to update your boat is to update the flooring. This summer, while working with Crowley’s Yacht Yard, we got a job working on a Azimut 39′ Flybridge that involved all new interior and exterior flooring. As well as a new folding seat on the bridge.  Crowley’s allows us year round access to all their customers boats in storage, allowing us to do work even when snow is around! This way your boat is ready to go when boating season is back!

For the exterior aft area, swim platform  and interior bathrooms, we Azimut 39' Flybridgeused Dockside Decking in cream over black.  This flooring was chose for this area of the boat because it is non-slip, shock absorbent, and reduces deck temperatures. It is also easy to clean and is stain resistant. Dockside decking is put on your boat, with an adhesive 3M backing, so its there to stay!

Azimut 39' FlybridgeUp on the flybridge we did some upholstery work. These customers wanted more seating on the flybridge when using the boat. They needed a seat that would fold down when the canvas was up on the boat. So we made a custom folding seat, that could be folded down when not in use. For the frame of this seat we used stainless steel tubing and hinges. For the base Azimut 39' Flybridgeof the seat and the backrest, we used starboard. Starboard is a marine grade plastic that we love to use on new upholstery work. It is non absorbent, which means that it won’t get water logged when it rains so it wont rot like wood.  We did a full back upholstered bench seat with Ship 2 Shore vinyl. We did double needle stitching, to make sure that the new custom seat matched the existing seats on the flybridge.


Carver Flybridge

2000 Carver 530 Voyager PilothouseThis summer at Chicago Yacht Works we designed a new  flybridge enclosure for this 2000 Carver 530 Voyager Pilothouse. We love working with Chicago Yacht Works because we can work on the boats all year

Since all boats are sightly different, we do only custom enclosures. Everyone has different framing, and other minor add ons. No boat is the same to us! The first step of our process is heading out to the boat with our 3d measuring device. It is cost-effective and labor-saving because it saves us time taking measurements and saves you money in the end. After we take measurements we head back to the shop to start doing design work on the computer. Our designer makes sure to meet all of your boats needs. Then we head the design over to the plotting machine which is another cost-effective, labor-saving device. The plotter draws out all the pieces of your new enclosure instead of us having to draw it out by hand. Then we hand everything over to our seamstress who cuts everything out, and then sews it all together.

2000 Carver 530 Voyager PilothouseFor this cover we used linen tweed sunbrella fabric, GORE tenara thread in clear. Sunbrella is a fade resistant canvas we use on most of our covers, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. GORE tenara thread has a lifetime warranty.

The forward windows of this enclosure we used makrolon, which is a semi-rigid polycarbonate. It’s great of how clean it makes your new cover look. There is no sagging with makrolon, and no stretching and shrinking of glass, which is a issue here in Chicago due to the extreme hot summers and the extreme cold winters. For the Aft panels we used strataglass. Strataglass is the only vinyl on the market that comes with a two year warranty after install.

We used Lenzip zippers on this enclosure which also has a lifetime guarantee. We even used their waterproof zipper for the roll up on the port and star side of the enclosure to ensure air flow while the enclosure is up!

48′ Fairlane Phantom – Flybridge Cover

img_20160916_113949660This 48′ Fairlane Phantom needed a marine cover for its flybridge.

We created this boat cover using Marine Blue Sunbrella fabric. We also used Black GORE Tenara thread, Lenzip Zippers both of these products have a life time guarantee. We used Boat Vent II to prevent water pooling on the cover, img_20160916_114003237and to add airflow while the cover is up. There is interior access with a zipper for this cover so if you are up on the flybridge, you can easily remove it!






56′ Carver – Flybridge Cover

img_20160906_153431936_hdr56′ Carver was in need of a boat cover for its flybridge.

Using Charcoal Tweed Sunbrella fabric and GORE Tenara thread we designed a unique cover for this flybridge. Using two Boat Vent II pole holders, to help prevent pooling of water on the cover, as well as create air flow throughout the flybridge while the cover is up.

39′ Carver – Full Flybridge Enclosure

39′ Carver was in need of a full enclosurelets-dance-bimini for its flybridge. For this marine cover we used Sunbrella Plus in Black. Sunbrella Plus has one side coated with polyurethane and acrylic, leaving one side of the material rubbery. We used GORE Tenara thread in black and Lenzip Zippers.  For the glass this customer chose Strataglass. lets-dance-3dWe made sure to design this enclosure with maximum visibility.
lets-dance-exterior-fwd-mainThis enclosure has seven Strataglass panels, including three roll up windows. One in the forward center window, and one on the star and port side of the enclosure. We used DOT snaps to secure the windows to the Flybridge creating a nice secure space for the owners of this boat!lets-dance-interior