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Dockside Decking and Infinity Carpeting

On this Cruisers Yacht we made correlating dockside decking and infinity carpeting.

Most places offer one service or the other, but here at Chicago Marine Canvas we offer both. By providing both we are able to make sure both the carpeting and decking perfectly match.

These floorings provide durability to protect your boat from external elements. These materials are waterproof and UV proof. 

Dockside Decking is a polyethylene based; UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam product currently available in over 10 color patterns.

It’s a revolutionary non-skid marine flooring product designed for rugged marine environments. 

It’s soft on your feet and provides excellent traction when wet or dry.

In addition to its good looks, Dockside Decking won’t absorb those troublesome liquids typically found on deck.

Such as motor oil, fish blood, red wine or beer! Lastly, it is easy to clean and is stain resistant.

Infinity Fabrics Luxury Woven Vinyl® is not only beautiful but it is very functional marine carpeting. It is featured in many 2015 boat models such as Brunswick Boat Group, Chaparral Boats, Cruiser Yachts, Marquis Yachts, Tiara Yachts, Tracker Marine, and many, many more…

Upgrading to Infinity Fabrics Luxury Woven Vinyl® carpeting has never been easier. We can pattern any boat’s interior or exterior and fit it with the carpeting via glue down, snaps or it can lay on its own. A common practice of boaters which current carpeting that fits well is having us cut the new carpeting based off the old. This not only saves you money but provides a great solution most of the time. There are new designs rolling out all the time and over 100 designs and patterns to choose from.

42′ Navigator – Full Enclosure

img_20161027_122758715For this 42′ Navigator we designed a full enclosure with maximum visibility.

For this boat cover the customers went with Stamoid fabric in white. Stamoid is a material coated in vinyl and is very easy for cleaning. These boaters wanted to use Makrolon for their Forward windows. Makrolon is an a polycarbonate which is clear likeimg_20161101_132818912 glass material that is harder then other marine materials commonly used for windows. With Makrolon your windows wont bend and wont wrinkle, and wont scratch.  For their side and aft windows, the customer went with Strataglass, that way they could have roll ups for easy access to air flow while the enclosure is still up! img_20161101_133206656We created these roll ups with screens to helpimg_20161101_132926078 prevent any unwanted bugs from getting onto the boat. The forward  windows attached to the bimini using Lenzip zippers, using GORE Tenara thread, both of these products are guaranteed to last a life time. The aft windows are attached to the radar arch using kedar and water proof seal to ensure no leakage into the boat. We also created a windshield cover for this boat to help keep the heat off the inside, and the windshield clean when no ones on the boat! This cover turned out great and looks super sharp on this 42′ Navigator!


40′ Sea Ray EC

This 40′ Sea Ray EC came to us with multiple jobs. First we started off designing a bow cover for their sunpad. We took our portable 3D  attitude-collage
measuring device out to the dock and took our measurements to start the design process. Then when we got back to the shop we designed the cover using CAD. The customer chose Black Sunbrella fabric for this cover. We used GORE Tenara img_20160804_112549330_hdrthread in black which has a life time guarantee, along with silver DOT snaps to secure the cover to the boat. Our next job on the boat was creating a cockpit cover for the boat. We also did this in Black Sunbrella fabric using black DOT snaps. We used  a Boat Vent II pole holder to help create air flow while the cover is up, and to help water roll off the cover instead of pooling in the center! img_20161020_114836737After both of these covers were competed we reupholstered the boats Garmin cover using a Black Infinity woven vinyl.  Then we moved onto reupholstering all the outdoor seating. We did this by fabricating new foam pieces for the bottom and back of the seating. After that we sewed up the new seat covers forimg_20160804_111449357 the foam using Infinity woven vinyl in carbon fiber, which has a funky pattern to it, and then the fabric style leatherette. These two styles were the same color, img_20160804_111430981_hdrbut had different textures, bringing some contrast to the new seats! For these seats we also used our double needle machine to add another nice finishing touch for the stitch work!





38′ Tiara – Full Enclosure

img_20160629_154859265This 38′ Tiara needed a full enclosure with an aft cover that could easily roll up.

This marine cover was constructed with Sunbrella Oyster fabric, clear GORE Tenara thread, and white Lenzip Zippers. Both the thread and zippers have a life time guarantee. The three forward windows  are made out of a thicker glass called Makrolon.img_20160629_154819055 Makrolon is a polycarbonate which is
abrasion resistant, and wrinkle resistant. These windows are thicker, and harder due to the different material they are made out of. They tend to give your new cover a cleaner look, making your boat cover look super sharp once it’s all finished.

img_20160629_154623447The aft cover has one single window, made of Strataglass. Strataglass is softer, which is why we incorporated it in the back piece so the owners of this boat could easily roll their cover up  if they wanted to! We used DOT snap fasteners in oyster that way the snaps blend into the cover, along with some kedar we sewed onto the forward windows, and the top of the aft cover. The kedar goes into a track thats attached to the boats hard top/radar arch, making things fit securely and snug!

Overall, our team created another beautiful cover for another happy customer out on Lake Michigan this summer!

37′ Sea Ray – Full Enclosure

searay370-forward-windowsThis 37′ Sea Ray needed a new marine canvas! The owners decided to go with a full enclosure design.

This cover was constructed with Black Sunbrella fabric and sewn with GORE Tenara thread. GORE Tenara thread is guaranteed to last a life time! It’s great for your boat cover because it is UV resistant, chemical resistant, acid rain resistant, and salt water resistant. It’s also made with a non fading pigment to ensure that your sew lines will always look as good as they did on the first day you put your boat cover up! searay370-aft-coverThe customer decided to go with Strataglass for their windows we constructed. We made five forward windows for this Sea Ray that attached to a smaller forward bimini and one big drop down aft cover with a single window. This aft piece attaches to the radar arch using a piece of kedar we sewed to the pack panel.

This cover turned out great and will be keeping this boat dry when there’s a rainy day in Chicago!

32′ Forumla – Cockpit Cover

img_20160817_142241696For this 32′ Forumla we designed a cockpit cover. Using our 3D portable measuring instrument we were able to design a new marine canvas using CAD software.

For this cockpit cover we used marine grade Sunbrella fabric in Charcoal Grey using DOT snaps in black enamel to bring out the black pinstripe on the boat! We also used black Gore Tenara thread which is guaranteed to last a life time!img_20160817_142352545

To help bring air flow into the cockpit when the cover is up, we used Boat Vent II pole holder.  This boat cover turned out great and now this 32′ Formula can stay dry and free from other debris when hits owner isn’t around!





30′ Bayliner Ciera – Full Enclosure

img_20160901_111738462This customer called us up telling us about their 30′ Bayliner Ciera which was in need of a full enclosure! This customer wanted maximum visibility with their new marine canvas!

img_20160901_111848126_hdrThe first step in this process was having the customer pick out the materials they wanted us to use to fabricate their enclosure. They picked a Sunbrella Navy fabric, Lenzip zippers, Navy DOT snaps, Gore Tenara thread, which has a lifetime guarantee from weather, sun, and water, and double polished Eisenglass.

img_20160901_111131412_hdrAfter the customer picked out the materials they wanted us to use, we started the design process. For the Aft part of the boat, we designed four large panels that were mainly glass, for the maximum visibility.

img_20160901_111029658_hdrFor the Forward part of the boat, we created five large windows. We again used mostly Eisenglass to create the forward panels giving this cover a nice clean look to it.

At the end of this project this boat looks great from the inside out with its brand new full enclosure! 


24′ Bayliner Ciera – Cockpit Cover

24' Bayliner Ciera BeforeThis boat owner reached out to us in desperate need of a new cockpit cover for his 24′ Bayliner Ciera. In speaking with him he said he could have the worst cockpit cover we’ve ever seen currently on his boat, he wasn’t kidding! This cover was old, faded, and falling apart. It simply wasn’t doing the job anymore!

So, the customer decided that he wanted a cockpit cover that started at the top of the windshield for easy  on/off accessibility instead of over the windshield which provides maximum protection.

ciera_240_bowIt was sewn with Sunbrella Captain’s Navy canvas and Gore Tenara heavy marine grade thread, which comes with a lifetime guarantee not to degrade from the weather, sun, or water!

Before & After

A mix of DOT snap and twist fasteners were used on the project along with a Boat Vent II pole holder which allows air flow into the cockpit while the cover is up. In  the end, this project turned out great! This cover helped make this boat look more clean and up to date!