Triple Tapered Sunpads

Sea Ray Sundancer 370 Triple Tapered Sun PadsRecently, Chicago Marine Canvas had the opportunity to work on this Sea Ray Sundancer 370, pictured on the right. The Sea Ray Sundancer 370 is one of the newest members of the award-winning Sundancer family that blends the properties of a cruiser, bowrider, and coupe into one sleek vessel. While the Sea Ray Sundancer 370 already offers impressive amenities and innovative technology, Chicago Marine Canvas was able to upgrade this vessel and take it to another level. The addition of custom made triple tapered sun pads fit in perfectly with the rest of the Sea Ray Sundancer 370’s aesthetic details.

Sea Ray Sundancer 370 Triple Tapered Sun PadsThis project, like many others, came with its own set of challenges but you can count on Chicago Marine Canvas to have the right tools and skills to bring your boating ideas to life! As shown on the left, the triple tapered sun pads had to be precisely cut and measured to perfectly fit around the three windows located on the Sea Ray Sundancer 370’s bow. Using a 3D portable printer, Chicago Marine Canvas was able to achieve this and maximize space, which is exactly what the customer wanted.  Not only do the triple tapered sun pads fit like a glove, but they are also made from Serge Ferrari Batyline Elios upholstery fabric in the color “Spring.” Serge Ferrari Batyline Elios has exceptional abrasion, UV, and mold resistance while also being waterproof and easy to clean.

While Chicago Marine Canvas has done many custom made sun pads in the past, this project called for a more unique approach. What do you see when you look over at the picture on the right? At first glance, these may appear to be just three standard sun pads, right? Look closely! We tapered the foam from 3” on the inside to 6” on the outside to create a flat surface on a convex fiberglass topside. This ensures that whoever lays on these custom made triple tapered sun pads, does not slide off the boat. Another neat feature is the Solarfix PTFE thread used to sew these triple tapered sun pads, which is commonly used in marine upholstery due to its multiple high-quality properties. Solarfix PTFE thread is known for being exceptionally UV light and chemical resistant. This guarantees that the sun pads will be long lasting and safe to maintain with most cleaners.

Sea Ray Sundancer 370 Triple Tapered Sun PadsNothing’s worse than trying to relax on a beautiful sunny day with a cool drink in hand but having nowhere to set it down in between sips. Except maybe having your phone, keys, or other valuables fall into the water because you didn’t have a secure spot to set them down. What if you want a place to rest your head? Perhaps you could use any old pillow. Well, when you choose to get custom made sun pads by Chicago Marine Canvas, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Check out the custom headrests and pockets behind the headrests on these triple tapered sun pads. There are also built-in cupholders in the headrests which can be omitted or added based on your preferences.