Chiropractic Bed

One of our boating customers is a physical therapist and has contacted us a few times to reupholster some of his chiropractic tables.  He recently contacted us because another one started ripping around where his clients would put their face. He needed the table to be reupholstered so we went to check it out and began our process.
We took apart the bed, bringing all the pieces back to the shop. Then we took our 3D measuring device and took measurements of the bed. After that we transferred all the measurements we collected into the computer. Using CAD software, we did a digital design for the new cover for the bed. After coming up with the design, we brought the computer to our plotter and drew the pattern out onto the new fabric the customer chose which was Infinity Fabrics Superior Upholstery Vinyl.  Then we cut it out, and sewed it all together.

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