Sea Ray

Sea Ray Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasFor this Sea Ray, we did a custom cockpit cover with custom boots for their framing.

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we only do custom work. That means no two covers are a like. We begin every job by physically going out to your boat to take measurements with our 3D measuring device. Our measuring device is one of the many tools that we have here in our shop that is cost-effective and labor saving. After we gather all the right numbers, we head back to our shop to begin the design process.

We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software. This helps save us time and you money. Here we can quickly design your cover, and see it in 3D before we even sew it all together. Once we make sure that all of your needs are met and that the design is top notch, we send it over to our plotter. Our plotter is another one of our fun tools that we use to save us time and you money. It can quickly draw out the pattern for your new cover in a matter of minutes, without any errors. After it’s all drawn out, our seamstress cuts out all the pieces and begins to sew it all together.

For this cover we used Sunbrella fabric in Heather Beige! Sunbrella fabric is one of our favorite canvas’ to use here in our shop! It comes with a 10 year warranty and is fade resistant! To sew everything together we used GORE Tenara thread. GORE tenara is a great thread to use for outdoor applications because it is UV resistant, weather resistant, and chemical resistant. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means no more restitching once your cover has been out in the sun for a few years!