Custom Sunpads / Bow Pads Features

Custom Sunpads have many features that make them the perfect addition to any boat.

Built-in-Pockets / Custom Sunpads


The Sunpads are made with a Dri-Fast foam, that causes it to dry very fast. Since Drifast foam is a firm open celled foam that is very porous, it allows water to run through it easily, instead of absorbing it like other closed cell foams. After a hard morning rain, Sunpads will be dried out by the afternoon which means no more soggy Sunpads!

Nothing is better than built in pockets, which is why Custom Sunpads have pockets along the sides to hold your valuables. No more having to worry about your phone sliding into the water while you’re relaxing.

Built in headrests help with max comfort while relaxing on Sunpads. Sunpads are made with 3″ tampered foam, whereas the head rests are elevated to 6″. We also have custom foam cutting which is able to level the pads on a convex bow.

Tapered-Foam / Custom Sunpads

The Sunpads are made with a high-quality fabric from Sunbrella. When using a fabric with a pattern, fabric pattern matching is done to keep the Sunpad’s design visually aligned and flowing at the seams and edges. Little details like this are important to ensure that the product is not only high quality, but visually appealing. The image pictured shows our commonly made Sunpads. But we are able to make all different types which are featured on our Bow Pads page.

We all know that Chicago is known for being windy, that’s why we make sure that the Sunpads are securely attached to the boats.




Benefits on Non-Slip Fabrics for Marine Use

Non-Slip Custom Embroidered Boarding Mat

Chicago Marine Canvas offers one-of-a-kind fiberglass friendly non-slip fabrics which can be used on anything, you name it! There are many projects that can be done using non-slip fabrics. Such as non-slip custom embroidered boarding mats and non-slip cushion bottoms.

Non-slip fabrics are easy to put into place and remove. Which is perfect for a quick and temporary reusable solution. Or to move and use throughout the boat over time. Since there is no drilling into the fiberglass, the non-slip material can be placed on any surface with ease and no leftover damage.

Non-slip materials also help keep your boat clean when guest board your luxury yacht. Boarding mats can be placed down moments before a guest boards and be easily cleaned at the end of the day. Like the name states, the non-slip mats will keep people from slipping while keeping the boat nice and clean.

Any project, such as the boarding mat, can be embroidered with a personal custom design using our embroidering machine. Which adds a personal branded touch to any boat.

Non-Slip Cushion Bottom












Sundancer 270

Sundancer 270 Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasThis Sundancer 270 was in need of a new cockpit cover. They contacted us because we specialize in custom covers!

We start off each new job by talking with you about what you need when it comes to your new cover. Then we head out to your boat and start our design process. All of our covers are custom, so that your new canvas fits like a glove, especially hand crafted for you! Once we travel out on your boat, we use our 3D measuring device to take precise measurements quickly and efficiently. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use a lot of labor-saving, cost-effective tools. After we gather all of our measurements we head back to the shop and let our designer get to work.

Sundancer 270 Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

We design all of our covers on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. This way we can create a 3D version of your cover, making sure everything looks perfect before we sew it up! After we finish up all the design work, we head over to our plotter and have everything drawn out. Our plotter is another one of our cost-effective, labor-saving tools. It speeds up our patterning process which saves us time and you money in the long run. After everything is all drawn out, our seamstress cuts everything out and then sews everything together.

This cover was fabricated using Sunbrella fabric in Teal Tweed.We love using Sunbrella fabric! It is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty! We backed the front of the cover wit a fabric called Evolution, that way  if there was any rubbing from theSundancer 270 Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas windshield, it wouldn’t rip through this families new cover. We used Sunstop T135 in black thread to sew this up, along with black binding around all the edges. Then we also created boots for each of the poles for the framing around the  boat. We did custom cuffs, and flaps around each pole to ensure its security and waterproofness. To ensure no mold or mildew, along with proper airflow when the cover is up, we installed a Boat Vent II in the back of the boat. It helps prop the boat cover up  which helps prevent pooling so that water rolls off of your cover instead of sitting on it when it gets wet. We secured this cover to the boat using DOT snap fasteners in black.

Rinker Fiesta Vee 270

Rinker Vee 270 Custom Cockpit Cover by Chicago Marine CanvasTo protect the interior of your boat, it is important to have a waterproof cover. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we do custom covers for every boat, because every boat is different and we want your cover to fit tight so there is no room for water leaks when a rain storm comes. This is a Rinker Fiesta Vee 270 and we fabricated a custom cover for it this summer.

We start off our process by going out on site to the boat to take measurements. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we have a lot of cost-effective, labor-saving tools that help cut your covers cost down while making sure it is the perfect fit! For measuring Rinker Vee 270 Custom Cockpit Cover by Chicago Marine Canvaswe use a portable 3d measuring device. After we gather all the measurements needed we head back to the shop to start the design process. For this cover our designer made sure to make cut outs for all the framing on this boat, leaving it up to our seamstress to make individual boots for each pole, along with velcro straps to assure the cover isn’t going anywhere in these Chicago winds. After we do all of our design work we head over to our plotter which draws out all of the pieces of your cover we just finished up. This is another one of our labor-saving tools. Our plotter can quickly draw out all of our patterned pieces for your new cover, instead of us having to do it all by hand! After everything is drawn out, we hand it all over to our seamstress so she can begin her process. She starts off by cutting everything out and then looking at the pattern to figure out the best way to sew everything together. After that, she organizes all the pieces and gets to work.Rinker Vee 270 Custom Cockpit Cover by Chicago Marine Canvas

For this cover we used Sunbrella fabric in the color doubonette tweed. We love using Sunbrella fabric! It is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty! To sew everything together we used GORE tenara thread in black. GORE tenara is another favorite product of ours. It is UV, salt water, chemical and extreme weather resistant! It has a lifetime guarantee, which  means, all of your seams will outlast your canvas! We also installed a Boat Vent II in the middle of this cover so that all water that hits it, runs off!

We used DOT snaps in burgundy to blend into this cover, as well as stay puts all along the back.


Carver Flybridge

2000 Carver 530 Voyager PilothouseThis summer at Chicago Yacht Works we designed a new  flybridge enclosure for this 2000 Carver 530 Voyager Pilothouse. We love working with Chicago Yacht Works because we can work on the boats all year

Since all boats are sightly different, we do only custom enclosures. Everyone has different framing, and other minor add ons. No boat is the same to us! The first step of our process is heading out to the boat with our 3d measuring device. It is cost-effective and labor-saving because it saves us time taking measurements and saves you money in the end. After we take measurements we head back to the shop to start doing design work on the computer. Our designer makes sure to meet all of your boats needs. Then we head the design over to the plotting machine which is another cost-effective, labor-saving device. The plotter draws out all the pieces of your new enclosure instead of us having to draw it out by hand. Then we hand everything over to our seamstress who cuts everything out, and then sews it all together.

2000 Carver 530 Voyager PilothouseFor this cover we used linen tweed sunbrella fabric, GORE tenara thread in clear. Sunbrella is a fade resistant canvas we use on most of our covers, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. GORE tenara thread has a lifetime warranty.

The forward windows of this enclosure we used makrolon, which is a semi-rigid polycarbonate. It’s great of how clean it makes your new cover look. There is no sagging with makrolon, and no stretching and shrinking of glass, which is a issue here in Chicago due to the extreme hot summers and the extreme cold winters. For the Aft panels we used strataglass. Strataglass is the only vinyl on the market that comes with a two year warranty after install.

We used Lenzip zippers on this enclosure which also has a lifetime guarantee. We even used their waterproof zipper for the roll up on the port and star side of the enclosure to ensure air flow while the enclosure is up!

Dinghy Cover

img_20160623_133837972This Dinghy needed a cover to help prevent water from getting into it when it wasn’t being used.

For this cover we had to keep in mind while designing it, that the only part of the boat that we could put snaps on would be the Aft part of the boat on theimg_20160623_134018202 fiber glass, the other parts would need some sort of strap to hold the front and sides down.

img_20160623_133910944_hdrUsing GORE Tenara thread, which has a life time guarantee, Cadet Grey Sunbrella fabric, and Velcro we got to work.

img_20160623_134121796_hdrWe made port and star straps to hold the cover down on the side, and Grey DOT snaps. For this cover, Velcro was the way to go!





46′ Sea Ray – Full Enclosure

img_20160727_15101541246′ Sea Ray was in need of a full enclosure.

For this cover we  used Black Sunbrella Supreme with Black Flocking on the img_20160727_150720342_hdrinside of the fabric. This fabric is water proof and very soft on the inside. We used GORE Tenara thread, and Lenzip zippers. Both of these things come with a lifetime warranty. For the forward windows we used Makrolon. img_20160727_150937573Makrolon is a polycarbonate that is clear like glass, and is softer then real glass, and more firm them Strataglass. For the Aft windows we used Strataglass.

This cover turned out great and makes this boat look super sharp!




46′ Sea Ray – Bimini & Aft Enclosure

img_20160712_121824182For this 46′ Sea Ray we created a boat cover. We designed a bimini, along with panels to cover the aft and both port and star sides of the boat. Using Linen Sunbrella fabric to match the forward windows that were in great shape we created two side windows using Strataglass to complete the enclosure. We used GORE Tenara thread and Lenzip img_20160712_121714567zippers for this cover, which are both guaranteed to last a life time.



42′ Navigator – Full Enclosure

img_20161027_122758715For this 42′ Navigator we designed a full enclosure with maximum visibility.

For this boat cover the customers went with Stamoid fabric in white. Stamoid is a material coated in vinyl and is very easy for cleaning. These boaters wanted to use Makrolon for their Forward windows. Makrolon is an a polycarbonate which is clear likeimg_20161101_132818912 glass material that is harder then other marine materials commonly used for windows. With Makrolon your windows wont bend and wont wrinkle, and wont scratch.  For their side and aft windows, the customer went with Strataglass, that way they could have roll ups for easy access to air flow while the enclosure is still up! img_20161101_133206656We created these roll ups with screens to helpimg_20161101_132926078 prevent any unwanted bugs from getting onto the boat. The forward  windows attached to the bimini using Lenzip zippers, using GORE Tenara thread, both of these products are guaranteed to last a life time. The aft windows are attached to the radar arch using kedar and water proof seal to ensure no leakage into the boat. We also created a windshield cover for this boat to help keep the heat off the inside, and the windshield clean when no ones on the boat! This cover turned out great and looks super sharp on this 42′ Navigator!


38′ Tiara – Full Enclosure

img_20160629_154859265This 38′ Tiara needed a full enclosure with an aft cover that could easily roll up.

This marine cover was constructed with Sunbrella Oyster fabric, clear GORE Tenara thread, and white Lenzip Zippers. Both the thread and zippers have a life time guarantee. The three forward windows  are made out of a thicker glass called Makrolon.img_20160629_154819055 Makrolon is a polycarbonate which is
abrasion resistant, and wrinkle resistant. These windows are thicker, and harder due to the different material they are made out of. They tend to give your new cover a cleaner look, making your boat cover look super sharp once it’s all finished.

img_20160629_154623447The aft cover has one single window, made of Strataglass. Strataglass is softer, which is why we incorporated it in the back piece so the owners of this boat could easily roll their cover up  if they wanted to! We used DOT snap fasteners in oyster that way the snaps blend into the cover, along with some kedar we sewed onto the forward windows, and the top of the aft cover. The kedar goes into a track thats attached to the boats hard top/radar arch, making things fit securely and snug!

Overall, our team created another beautiful cover for another happy customer out on Lake Michigan this summer!