Cruisers Rogue 3175

This Cruisers Rogue 3175 was in need of a new bimini. Biminis are great for keeping you out of the sun when you are out on the water, they even keep you dry if you get caught out in a storm.

Cruisers Rogue 3175 Bimini By Chicago Marine CanvasAll of our covers,  biminis, enclosures, and upholstery work is custom made. We work this way because each boat has different framing which means each boat is different and we want your new canvas to fit like a glove!

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use a bunch of labor-saving, cost-effective tools. The first step of our process involves us going to to your boat and taking measurements with our 3D measuring device. Using this tool speeds up our measuring process so we have more time to work on your custom design!

After we gather all the measurements, we go back to the shop and upload them to the computer. We do all of our design work using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) software, that way we can make all the proper adjustments a head of time, as well as see visually how the design is going to turn out.

Once we finalize the design, we send over all the pieces of your new cover to our plotter. Our plotter draws out all of the pieces of your cover. This is another one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools. With our plotter we can quickly draw out new designs in minutes rather then hours. This saves us time and you money in the end. After our plotter is finished, our seamstress cuts everything out, and begins the sewing process.

For this bimini we used Sunbrella fabric in black. We love using Sunbrella fabric! It is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty! To sew everything up we  used GORE Tenara thread in black. GORE Tenara thread has a lifetime warranty! That means you can say good-bye to restitching and repairs! This thread doesn’t get eaten by the sun, water, or exposure to other outside elements. We used Lenzip zippers for this bimini. Lenzip also has a lifetime guarantee on zippers. No more zipper teeth breaking, no more zippers loosing their zip! We finished off this bimini with Sunbrella black binding to make sure theres no fraying of any canvas, that way it lasts!


Forward Window Replacements

A lot of people come to us with their canvas in great shape but their windows are on their last leg. When it comes to cases like these, we do window replacements. Today that’s what we are doing, forward window replacements.
These windows are starting to discolor, become foggy which can prevent visibility. They are also starting to crack which will cause water leakage. A cost effective way to help fix this issue is to replace the glass. img_20161201_152711526
We start off by measuring the windows with our 3d measuring device then we go to the computer and have the actual window size that’s needed to replace  the glass.
While one of us does the design work, we have another person prepping the windows. img_20161201_152755405img_20161201_152816637
We start off by cutting as close as we can without damaging the canvas with a knife to give us room to start using scissors to cut the old glass out of the windows.
After all the old glass is removed we cut out img_20161201_160148686the new glass for the windows. For these window replacements, we used Strataglass in Light Smoke, which has a slight tint to it.
After those are all cut out, we start replacing the new glass into the old canvas. Using seamstick to make sure that all of our needle holes can become waterproofed, we line the whole outside edge of where we will be sewing along the window. We don’t want your new windows to leak any water!
After the seamstick is applied to the canvas, we img_20161202_103100749take the new windows and line them up correctly, and then sew them all down.
After we are all done, here’s how they look. Nice and flat, and brand new! The old cracked discolored glassimg_20161202_112758192 is gone and your windows look brand new! When summer comes around your windows will look updated without replacing your whole canvas!