Window Replacements

window-replacement-double-polishedCanvas still looking great but your windows are cracking or are starting to become discolored? An easy cost effective way to fix that issue is window replacements.
Our process is a little different then other boat shops. Over time your canvas can become stretched out or even shrink after its been on your boat for a while. To help ensure that your windows will fit we start off by taking your old windows and removing the old glass from them. Then we head out to your boat, zip the windows back onto the bimini and snap them down to the boat. We then take our 3D measuring glass-with-meshdevice and take real measurements of the windows, so we have a guide as to where the new windows need to be sewn, so they look great and fit just right when we are all done!
We can also help you pick out your new window material. Maybe you want Strataglass or Eisenglass.