Custom Grill Cover

Outdoor Kitchen Area Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

Here in Chicago, a lot of people have an outdoor kitchen area. Most of these areas are custom built meaning they need a custom cover, from someone like us!

All of the work we do here at Chicago Marine Canvas is custom made. So we start off all of our projects by first listening to our customers needs, and making sure we can cover all of them before we start a job. Customers often want two different types of covers from us. A summer one, for easy access and then a winter one that covers the whole area.

Outdoor Kitchen Area Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasThe first step to our process is to go out to your house and gather measurements from your outdoor kitchen area. We do this with our 3D measuring device. It is one of the many labor-saving, cost effective tools we use here at our shop. After we get all the measurements, we head back to our shop where our designer gets to work. We do all of our design work using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software. This program allows us to see the design in 3D prior to us making up your custom cover. This way we can make sure all of your wants and needs are met! Once we finish up the design we send everything over to our plotter and let everything get drawn out quickly and perfectly. Then we hand everything over to our seamstress who cuts everything out and starts sewing everything together.

For these covers we used Sunbrella fabric in Black. Sunbrella is fade resistant and comes with a 10 year warranty. We used GORE Tenara Thread in black. GORE Tenara Thread has a lifetime guarantee.  It resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain. It is a great thread to use on covers that will be outdoors!