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Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Outdoor Kitchen CoverWinter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get a custom outdoor kitchen cover created. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we do custom covers, for any outdoor area, to protect it from the elements during our seasonal changes.

We partnered with EDG Patio & Shade to help protect one of their recent jobs here in the Chicago area. EDG Patio & Shade does custom commercial, or residential spaces for people looking to spend more time outside!

For this outdoor kitchen cover we used Seamark in Toast Tweed. Seamark fabric, is Sunbrella fabric with a marine grade vinyl coating on the inside, this helps make it extra waterproof ensuring that no water, gets through the weave of the fabric.Outdoor Kitchen Cover

We used Lenzip zippers on this outdoor kitchen cover which have a lifetime guarantee. We added zippers, so that the cover can allow easy access to different parts of the kitchen area. This way the customer can use  the kitchen still, while the cover is still on other parts not

Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasWhen it comes to custom outdoor kitchen areas, we are the right company to call. Why? Because we only create custom covers, meaning we can basically make whatever you want! For this outdoor kitchen area we created a custom slip cover.

Our process starts out by us traveling out to your home to take measurements with our 3d measuring device. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use lots of labor-saving, cost-effective tools that save us time, and you money.

After we gather the measurements, we head back to our shop and we start the design process. Here we make sure to accommodate to any needs while making sure to execute the right design for your outdoor area.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasOnce our design process is all done, we draw out all the pieces of your new cover using our plotter, which is another one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools that we use here in the shop. After that, our seamstress cuts everything out, and starts sewing it all together.

For this outdoor cover we used SeaMark fabric in Navy. SeaMark fabric is a combination of a woven acrylic facing with a textured marine grade vinyl backing on the inside. SeaMark is extremely colorfast, fade resistant, and durable because of its vinyl backing. The strength of this fabric allows it to withstand the toughest conditions, even the winds here in the windy city! It is salt, moisture, sun, wind, and temperature resistant. SeaMark fabric has a 5 year warranty.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasWe used SolarFix thread in black to sew up this cover. SolarFix is a 100 percent PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) fiber. It has a lifetime warranty, meaning no more restitching repairs once your cover has been out in the elements for a few years. This will save you time, and money in the end!

Along the bottom edge of this cover we added 1 1/2 inch webbing for durability to ensure that the fasteners we attached to this cover, wouldn’t rip through the fabric in high winds.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasIn the back area, and on the side we added 2 Lenzip zippers. Lenzip has a lifetime guarantee as well. We added these two zippers into the design to help ensure that the customer will get their cover on and off with ease.

So if you have a different outdoor area, that you can’t seem to find a cover for, give us a call and well help keep your investment clean and dry all year round!



Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Outdoor Custom Kitchen CoverIf you have a custom outdoor kitchen space you may be in need of one of our custom covers. Due to the different shapes, set ups and materials used, you may be unable to find one that will work with your custom design.

With a custom cover from us, we make sure that your piece is totally covered and secured to the space. This is a great way to keep snow, rain, and debris off of a piece like this so it will last you many years through each change of the seasons.

We always start off by coming out to your space and taking measurements with our 3d measuring device. This machine helps save us time and you money due to how quick and efficient the process is. After that we go back to the shop and do some design work on the computer, making sure we have all of your requests and needs in mind. Once we finish the design work, we plot out all of the fabric pieces with a plotter we have here in the shop, which also saves us time and you money!

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Close Up

For this cover we used K Tex fabric in grey, Sunguard grey thread, and grey chain zippers. K Tex is a vinyl coated fabric that helps reassure that if water or snow sits on this fabric, it wont go through it. That way what is underneath this cover stays dry and safe from the outside elements.

We used a fastener called twist the dot on this cover. The pieces attach to the outdoor kitchen themselves and then are secured to the cover. This way the cover wont fly away in high winds. We also added two zippers on each corner for easy on/off access to the kitchen area. As well as two zippers near the grill area, if these customers want to use their grill while keeping the rest of the kitchen covered.

Grill Slip Cover

Grill Slip Cover by Chicago Marine CanvasWe created a custom grill slip cover for an outdoor grill/eating area.

We start off all of our projects by physically going out to your home. Once we arrive we get out our 3D measuring device. With this tool, we can quickly take measurements of your outdoor area, saving us time and you money at the end of the day. After we get all the measurements we need, we head back to our shop and start the design process.

We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software. It makes things quicker for us and allows us to see the design in 3D before we draw out all the pieces. After we make sure our design is perfect and all of your needs are met, we send everything over to our plotter. This draws out our design perfectly and quickly. Once it’s all drawn out, our seamstress cuts out all the pieces, and begins to sew it all together.

Grill Slip Cover by Chicago Marine Canvas

For this grill slip cover we used Aqualon fabric. Aqualon is vinyl-coated polyester with a water repellant on it. It is mold and mildew resistant. It wont crack or harden. Its great for outdoor covers because of its resistance to weathering!

We used Lenzip zippers on this cover. Lenzip zippers have a lifetime guarantee! The zippers allow easy access to parts of the grill and allow the cover to be easily removed and put on the whole area!

Custom Grill Cover

Outdoor Kitchen Area Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

Here in Chicago, a lot of people have an outdoor kitchen area. Most of these areas are custom built meaning they need a custom cover, from someone like us!

All of the work we do here at Chicago Marine Canvas is custom made. So we start off all of our projects by first listening to our customers needs, and making sure we can cover all of them before we start a job. Customers often want two different types of covers from us. A summer one, for easy access and then a winter one that covers the whole area.

Outdoor Kitchen Area Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasThe first step to our process is to go out to your house and gather measurements from your outdoor kitchen area. We do this with our 3D measuring device. It is one of the many labor-saving, cost effective tools we use here at our shop. After we get all the measurements, we head back to our shop where our designer gets to work. We do all of our design work using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software. This program allows us to see the design in 3D prior to us making up your custom cover. This way we can make sure all of your wants and needs are met! Once we finish up the design we send everything over to our plotter and let everything get drawn out quickly and perfectly. Then we hand everything over to our seamstress who cuts everything out and starts sewing everything together.

For these covers we used Sunbrella fabric in Black. Sunbrella is fade resistant and comes with a 10 year warranty. We used GORE Tenara Thread in black. GORE Tenara Thread has a lifetime guarantee.  It resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain. It is a great thread to use on covers that will be outdoors!



Need A New Bow Cushion?

bow-cushionCheck out these two custom bow cushions we designed.

Using Sunbrella fabric we came up with custom cushion designs. The foam we used is Dryfast bow-cushion-longfoam, that doesn’t hold onto water when it gets wet. We also put screens on the bottom of the cushion to help with drainage from the Dryfast foam.

Both of these cushions have snaps on them to help ensure that the cushion will stay attached to the boat, when going on adventures. The snaps can be hidden or visible, up to you!


Gas Grill Cover

gas-grill-coverNot only do we do boat covers, but we can do all sorts of outdoor covers. For this gas grill that spends most of its life outside, we created a cover for it. Using Black Sunbrella fabric, the water will now run off of it and keep the grill dry.

Got any grills that need custom covers? We’re the people to go to!