32.5 Dufour Sailboat California Dodger and Bimini Top

325 Dufour Dodger and Bimini Top The Salty Dog Sailing Company reached out to Chicago Marine Canvas to fabricate a new custom sailboat dodger and bimini top for their 33ft 2005 Dufour 325 sailboat. Using a combination of marine grade quality products and state of the art technology, we were able to not only meet the customer’s expectations but exceed them. 

At Chicago Marine Canvas we offer a plethora of styles and colors. This meets everyone’s needs due to a variety of selections ranging from loud and vibrant tones to classic and timeless colors. For this project, we used an elegant Sunbrella canvas in Marine Blue on the dodger along with matching Sunbrella Marine Blue binding.

The dodger features a canvas top and five adjoining windows made out of a super durable Aqua-lite UV polycarbonate material designed for high-impact, made to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, and offers a clear view while also providing protection from the sun’s UV rays. 

Not only does the dodger feature custom stainless steel side grab rails installed on the dodger top.  The dodger is also sewn with black Solarfix PTFE Thread. This type of heavy marine grade thread is backed with a limited lifetime guarantee. The leather reinforcement along rigging lines and the fastener less connection to the topside of the sailboat, allow for a user-friendly and hassle-free daily operation. This was achieved with the use of a PVC track and Keder insert. 

The bimini frame was bent from 1″ stainless steel and was designed with a small mast window, an essential component of all sailboat biminis. The use of heavy duty, marine grade Lenzip Zippers on both the dodger and bimini top will ensure smooth operation and are a testament that even the smallest components were carefully selected to provide a durable and long-lasting result. 

Beneteau Swift Trawler 34

Enhancing the Beneteau Swift Trawler 34

This Beneteau Swift Trawler 34 was enhanced by Chicago Marine Canvas adding custom covers that elevate the boating experience. A Bimini Top, crafted from durable Sunbrella black material, shields occupants from harsh weather elements while providing a cool, shaded space for sunny days. This practical and stylish custom top includes convenient openings for handling mainstay lines to the mast with ease.

Bow Pad Cover

Customize the Swift Trawler 34 with a Bow Pad Cover, expertly crafted from SergeFerrari Stamoid White material, renowned for its resistance to UV damage and mildew. This cover keeps the yacht’s bow area clean and secure, preventing debris and dirt accumulation. The Bow Pad Cover perfectly complements the other custom covers, completing the ensemble of protection and style.

Bridge Railing Covers

The vessel’s appeal is further upgraded with Bridge Railing Covers made from Sunbrella Black fabric. These covers protect the railing system against sun damage, scratches, and wear and tear, lending the yacht a polished and sophisticated appearance. Bridge Railing Covers ensure the longevity of the yacht’s railings while adding an extra touch of style

Comfort and Style

The addition of these custom covers elevates the Beneteau Swift Trawler 34, making every boating adventure a delightful experience. The durable Sunbrella Black and SergeFerrari Stamoid White materials not only provide superior protection but also add a touch of sophistication. Whether planning a coastal cruise or an open-sea journey, these custom covers ensure comfort and style throughout. 

Sea Ray 420 Sundancer

Sea Ray 420 Sundancer

The Sea Ray 420 Sundancer at Prairie Harbor Yacht Club in Wisconsin has undergone a stunning transformation with the help of Chicago Marine Canvas. This popular boat model now features several upgrades, including the use of Captain Navy Sunbrella fabric, polycarbonate windows, Strata Glass, and top-of-the-line hardware like Lenzip zippers and Solar Fix PTFE thread. In addition, the Sea Ray is also crafted with flip-up center and side windows, taking comfort and convenience to new heights.

Captain Navy

One of the most striking aspects of the Sea Ray 420 Sundancer is the incorporation of Captain Navy Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric is well-known for its exceptional durability and ability to withstand the harsh marine environment. It offers reliable protection against UV rays, mold, and mildew, ensuring that the boat’s upholstery stays in pristine condition for years to come. The deep, rich navy color of the fabric adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the boat’s overall aesthetic.

Clear Views Ahead

Enhancing both safety and visibility, the Sea Ray 420 Sundancer features polycarbonate windows in the front. Polycarbonate is a highly robust and impact-resistant material that provides excellent clarity and durability. These forward-facing windows offer passengers an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Complementing the polycarbonate windows, the Sun Ray incorporates Strata Glass windows at the back. Strata Glass is a marine-grade vinyl material renowned for its exceptional clarity, scratch resistance, and long-lasting performance. These windows not only provide an undisturbed view of the water but also create a comfortable and protected environment within the bridge area. Passengers can relax and enjoy the scenery without worrying about the elements.

Flip-Up Windows

Adding to the convenience and versatility of the Sea Ray 420 Sundancer, the boat features flip-up center and side windows. These windows can be easily flipped open or closed to control airflow and optimize ventilation within the cabin. This feature allows passengers to enjoy fresh air and natural light when desired while also providing protection and comfort during adverse weather conditions.

High Quality Hardware

When it comes to the hardware and stitching, the Sea Ray 420 Sundancer sets a high standard with its use of Lenzip zippers and Solar Fix PTFE thread. Lenzip zippers are known for their reliability and durability, offering a limited lifetime guarantee. These zippers ensure smooth operation and secure closure of the boat’s canvas components. Paired with Solar Fix PTFE thread, which is renowned for its strength, UV resistance, and ability to withstand environmental damage, the Sea Ray 420 Sundancer’s canvas components are built to withstand the test of time.

Lady M

Lady M

Embarking on a summer journey to Canada, the 65ft Navigator, Lady M, underwent a remarkable transformation with the help of Chicago Marine Canvas. Through innovative design and craftsmanship, a custom lower aft frame was fabricated, creating the illusion of a fiberglass hardtop. Complemented by the choice of fabrics, both inside and out, Lady M now boasts a seamless blend of style, functionality, and durability.

The Illusion of Fiberglass

Chicago Marine Canvas took Lady M’s aesthetic to new heights by crafting a custom bimini top spanning an impressive 16ft X 10ft. Constructed with 1 ¼-inch stainless steel tubing, this frame showcases the team’s expertise in combining structural integrity with visual appeal. By utilizing Serge Ferrari’s Stamoid Top fabric in white, and then black through the windows, an extraordinary illusion of a fiberglass hardtop is achieved, per the customer’s design choice.

Visual Harmony and Lengthened Appeal

Lady M’s custom canvas design makes clever use of color to enhance the vessel’s aesthetics. The black fabric seamlessly blends into the horizon, creating a sleek and uninterrupted profile. This choice allows the eyes to focus on the boat’s captivating features, highlighting its length and sophistication. Meanwhile, the white fabric blends harmoniously with the rest of the boat, elongating the vessel’s overall appearance and drawing the viewer’s gaze across its entirety.

Superior Comfort and Enduring Style

Chicago Marine Canvas didn’t stop at enhancing Lady M’s exterior allure.  Custom bridge and bow cushions made from Sunbrella Horizon in Capriccio White gave a touch of luxury to the vessel. These cushions not only provide unparalleled comfort but also demonstrate remarkable durability while still offering timeless elegance.

The Sunbrella Horizon Difference

Sunbrella Horizon fabric delivers exceptional performance and practicality, making it an ideal choice for Lady M’s interior cushions. The fabric’s resistance to mold and mildew ensures longevity, even in challenging marine environments. Additionally, its resistance to cold-cracking and UV fading guarantees that the cushions will remain vibrant and intact, withstanding the rigors of the summer sun. Furthermore, Sunbrella Horizon’s bleach-cleanable feature ensures easy maintenance, allowing for worry-free enjoyment of every adventure.

Lenzip Zippers and Solar Fix PTFE Thread

Lady M acknowledges the significance of dependable hardware and sewing techniques. This vessel is furnished with Lenzip zippers and Solar Fix PTFE thread, guaranteeing exceptional efficiency and durability. Lenzip zippers are accompanied by a restricted lifelong warranty, offering reassurance and dependability with each utilization. Coupled with Solar Fix PTFE thread, renowned for its robustness, UV resistance, and ability to withstand environmental harm, these elements guarantee the longevity of the boat’s canvas components.

Elegance and Functionality

Chicago Marine Canvas has truly elevated Lady M’s elegance and functionality with their custom canvas work. The creation of a custom lower aft frame, expertly designed to mimic a fiberglass hardtop, showcases their dedication to both form and function. The careful selection of fabrics, with the black and white combination, enhances the vessel’s aesthetic appeal, lengthening its profile and captivating the eye. Inside, the Sunbrella Horizon cushions provide unbeatable comfort, resilience, and easy maintenance. Look out for Lady M as she embarks on her voyage to Canada for the summer and then to the Caribbean in the fall!

Sol Mates

Sol Mates

Embark on a boating adventure with Sol Mates, a vessel that exudes elegance and incorporates top-of-the-line features. Recent upgrades by Chicago Marine Canvas showcase the finest materials and components, from Captain Navy Sunbrella fabric to polycarbonate and Strata Glass windows. This boat offers style, durability, and countless memorable journeys on the open seas.

Captain Navy Sunbrella Fabric

One of the standout features of Sol Mates is the use of Captain Navy Sunbrella fabric. Renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to the elements, Sunbrella fabric offers reliable protection against UV rays, mold, and mildew. It not only ensures the longevity of the boat’s upholstery but also enhances its visual appeal with its deep, rich navy color.

Polycarbonate Forward-Facing Windows

Sol Mates takes visibility and safety to a whole new level with its polycarbonate forward-facing windows on the fly bridge. Polycarbonate is a robust, impact-resistant material that offers excellent clarity and durability. These windows provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings while protecting passengers and crew from inclement weather conditions.

Strata Glass Windows

Complementing the polycarbonate windows, Sol Mates features Strata Glass windows on the bridge facing the back of the boat. Strata Glass is a marine-grade vinyl material known for its exceptional clarity, scratch resistance, and long-lasting performance. These windows ensure an undisturbed view of the water while maintaining a comfortable and protected environment within the bridge.

SeaMark Fabric

To add a touch of elegance and functionality, the Sol Mates boat incorporates a laced-on bridge top made of SeaMark fabric. SeaMark fabric is renowned for its exceptional durability, water resistance, and color retention properties. This laced top not only offers protection from the elements but also adds a stylish finishing touch to the boat’s overall design.

Lenzip Zippers and SolarFix PTFE Thread

Sol Mates understands the importance of reliable canvas hardware and stitching. Equipped with Lenzip zippers and SolarFix PTFE thread, this boat ensures optimal performance and longevity. Lenzip zippers come with a limited lifetime guarantee, providing peace of mind and reliability in every use. Paired with SolarFix PTFE thread, known for its strength, UV resistance, and resistance to environmental damage, these components ensure the boat’s canvas components endure the test of time.

Stainless Steel Hardware

In line with its commitment to durability, all hardware on the Sol Mates boat is crafted from stainless steel. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, making it the ideal choice for marine applications. By incorporating stainless steel hardware, the boat maintains its pristine condition even after continuous exposure to saltwater and other harsh marine environments..

Style and Durability

Sol Mates is a testament to the fusion of style, durability, and functionality. With its premium upgrades, including the Captain Navy Sunbrella fabric, polycarbonate and Strata Glass windows, laced-on bridge top made of Seamark fabric, and robust stainless-steel hardware. For these improvements on your boat, contact Chicago Marine Canvas.

United Airlines Aircraft Cover

Back in 2020 when Covid19 was at its peak there wasn’t as many flights taking off. This resulted in many United aircrafts being grounded and planes being stored.

As a result, animals were finding their way into the engines. And with the landing gears sitting outside exposed for so long, this led to the need for many covers and fast.

United reached out to us and within a few weeks we mass produced landing gear and engine intake/exhaust covers for over 75 aircrafts. The airplane models were A319, A320, 737, 757, 767, and 777. 

Although we hope they never need to use all of the covers again under these circumstances, this was still one of our favorite projects to work on. 

To make these covers we first had to go to O’Hare airport with our 3D portable measuring device to get the measurements of the engines and landing gears. Once the measurements are taken, we are able to create a digital template on the computer. From there our automatic cutting table cuts the fabrics. Then aseamstress sew all the pieces together. 

As you may know, we are commonly known for our marine canvas work. But what you might not know is we work on all kinds of sewing/upholstery projects. In the past, we have made patio furniture covers, sunshades, grill covers, equipment bags, and so much more

Check out this page to learn more about the other non-marine projects that we have worked on. Essentially, if you can image it, we can create it!

Dockside Decking – Custom Logo

For this project, medium grey over light grey Dockside Decking was added to the swim platform and steps. It is a great addition to swim platforms since it a non-skid marine flooring product designed for rugged marine environments. 

When adding the decking to their boat, many people choose to add their boats name or custom logo. Just like with embroidery, we work together with the customer to match their vison and create the perfect design. 

Dockside Decking is a polyethylene based; UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam product currently available in over 10 color patterns. It’s soft on your feet and provides excellent traction when wet or dry. It also won’t absorb troublesome liquids that can be found on a deck like motor oil, fish blood, wine, ect! It is also very easy to maintain and keep clean

Full Enclosure, Dockside Decking, Cockpit Carpeting – Sea ray Sundancer

For this 1994 Sea Ray Sundancer we did a range of projects including adding Dockside Decking to the swim platform, a full enclosure with a new aft frame, and cockpit carpeting.

Doing multiple projects on a boat simultaneously is a great way to see a brand-new transformation when complete. 

We use many labor-saving, cost-effective tools when creating these projects that help us speed up our process. We first go out to your boat to take precise measurements for each of the projects using our 3D measuring device. Then we head back to the shop and start our design process.

Full Enclosure

Adding an enclosure to your boat is a great way to protect both you and the boat from the sun or rain. This makes it easy to boat in any types of Chicago weather. 

After getting the measurements from the 3D measuring device, we create a digital template on the computer of the enclosure. From there the seamstresses are able to start sewing together the canvas enclosure. 

Dockside Decking

For this project, Dockside Decking was added to the swim platform and steps. Dockside Decking is great for swim platforms since it a non-skid marine flooring product designed for rugged marine environments. 

Dockside Decking also won’t absorb troublesome liquids that can be found on a deck like motor oil, fish blood, wine, ect! It is also very easy to maintain and keep clean

Custom logos or the boats name can be added onto the decking. Check out this project!  

Cockpit Carpeting

Cockpit Carpeting is a great way to keep the interior and exterior of your boat clean while creating traction for walking on. The high-quality carpeting, we use is by Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl

The vinyl that it’s made of is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, so mold and mildew cannot grow here! Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl dries quickly and can never get soaked by any liquid. According to Infinity fabrics, if their flooring is submerged in water, it will actually float, not sink like typical carpeting.

There are new designs rolling out all the time and over 100 designs and patterns to choose from. To learn more about the carpeting and its benefits, go here

Aft Cover

For this Sea Ray we made a Forest Green aft cover using Sunbrella fabric and SolarFix thread.

Aft Covers are one of the most common types of boat covers in Chicago. You’ll see them a lot due to the overwhelming amount of cruiser style boats in the harbor. 

Aft Covers can be all canvas, have an eisenglass window in the back or be entirely made from eisenglass. But the last style is more common on complete enclosures. They are attached to other canvas panels and/or a radar arch with zippers and then to the boat by snaps.

Double Sunpads – Sea Ray Sundancer 40

These double sun pads were made for a 2004 Sea Ray Sundancer 40 using Sunbrella’s Adaptation Indigo fabric. Which comes with a 5-year warranty.

It was also made with Dri-Fast Foam that causes it to dry very fast. Since Drifast foam is a firm open celled foam that is very porous, it allows water to run through it easily, instead of absorbing it like other closed cell foams.

Having double sunpads instead of one giant one makes it easy to move and store. Since the sunpads are fully customizable, we have had customers make one, two, and three for this type of boat. 

These sun pads have built in headrests help with max comfort while relaxing. Sunpads are made with 3″ tampered foam, whereas the head rests are elevated to 6″.

It has integrated pockets and cup holders in the headrest to hold drinks, phones, and other valuables. No more having to worry about your phone sliding into the water while you’re relaxing.