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Dingy Cover For Galeon 560 Skydeck

Dingy CoverThis 2017 Galeon 560 Yacht  needed a new dingy cover.

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we specialize in custom covers therefore, none of our covers are the same. They are all different to ensure that each one fits the boat in need properly. We also use many labor-saving tools that help us do things quickly. This saves you money at the end of the day on the perfect cover.

Dingy CoverThe first step to our process is to head out to your boat to take measurements with our 3D measuring device. After we gather precise measurements we head back to the shop to start our design process on the computer. We do all of our design work using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software. Because we are working on the computer we can see exactly what we are creating in 3D. This allows us to create the perfect fitting cover for your boat. After the cover is designed, we draw it out using our plotter. This draws out all the pieces of the pattern perfectly so our seamstress can sew it up!

Dingy CoverThis dingy cover was created out of Stamoid. Stamoid is a great material to make a boat cover out of. It is water, UV, and stain resistant. We used SolarFix thread in clear to sew this all together. Solarfix is a PTF thread which is also, UV, chemical, and mildew resistant. Which means, that you’d never have to bring your new dingy cover in for restitching after it’s been out in the sun for a few summers! Finally, on the bottom of the cover we did a draw cord. As a result, the cover can tighten around the dingy keeping the cover nice and secure, and your boat dry!

Sundancer 270

Sundancer 270 Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasThis Sundancer 270 was in need of a new cockpit cover. They contacted us because we specialize in custom covers!

We start off each new job by talking with you about what you need when it comes to your new cover. Then we head out to your boat and start our design process. All of our covers are custom, so that your new canvas fits like a glove, especially hand crafted for you! Once we travel out on your boat, we use our 3D measuring device to take precise measurements quickly and efficiently. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use a lot of labor-saving, cost-effective tools. After we gather all of our measurements we head back to the shop and let our designer get to work.

Sundancer 270 Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

We design all of our covers on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. This way we can create a 3D version of your cover, making sure everything looks perfect before we sew it up! After we finish up all the design work, we head over to our plotter and have everything drawn out. Our plotter is another one of our cost-effective, labor-saving tools. It speeds up our patterning process which saves us time and you money in the long run. After everything is all drawn out, our seamstress cuts everything out and then sews everything together.

This cover was fabricated using Sunbrella fabric in Teal Tweed.We love using Sunbrella fabric! It is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty! We backed the front of the cover wit a fabric called Evolution, that way  if there was any rubbing from theSundancer 270 Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas windshield, it wouldn’t rip through this families new cover. We used Sunstop T135 in black thread to sew this up, along with black binding around all the edges. Then we also created boots for each of the poles for the framing around the  boat. We did custom cuffs, and flaps around each pole to ensure its security and waterproofness. To ensure no mold or mildew, along with proper airflow when the cover is up, we installed a Boat Vent II in the back of the boat. It helps prop the boat cover up  which helps prevent pooling so that water rolls off of your cover instead of sitting on it when it gets wet. We secured this cover to the boat using DOT snap fasteners in black.

Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasWhen it comes to custom outdoor kitchen areas, we are the right company to call. Why? Because we only create custom covers, meaning we can basically make whatever you want! For this outdoor kitchen area we created a custom slip cover.

Our process starts out by us traveling out to your home to take measurements with our 3d measuring device. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use lots of labor-saving, cost-effective tools that save us time, and you money.

After we gather the measurements, we head back to our shop and we start the design process. Here we make sure to accommodate to any needs while making sure to execute the right design for your outdoor area.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasOnce our design process is all done, we draw out all the pieces of your new cover using our plotter, which is another one of our labor-saving, cost-effective tools that we use here in the shop. After that, our seamstress cuts everything out, and starts sewing it all together.

For this outdoor cover we used SeaMark fabric in Navy. SeaMark fabric is a combination of a woven acrylic facing with a textured marine grade vinyl backing on the inside. SeaMark is extremely colorfast, fade resistant, and durable because of its vinyl backing. The strength of this fabric allows it to withstand the toughest conditions, even the winds here in the windy city! It is salt, moisture, sun, wind, and temperature resistant. SeaMark fabric has a 5 year warranty.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasWe used SolarFix thread in black to sew up this cover. SolarFix is a 100 percent PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) fiber. It has a lifetime warranty, meaning no more restitching repairs once your cover has been out in the elements for a few years. This will save you time, and money in the end!

Along the bottom edge of this cover we added 1 1/2 inch webbing for durability to ensure that the fasteners we attached to this cover, wouldn’t rip through the fabric in high winds.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cover Chicago Marine CanvasIn the back area, and on the side we added 2 Lenzip zippers. Lenzip has a lifetime guarantee as well. We added these two zippers into the design to help ensure that the customer will get their cover on and off with ease.

So if you have a different outdoor area, that you can’t seem to find a cover for, give us a call and well help keep your investment clean and dry all year round!



70′ Hatteras

70' Hatteras Bimini By Chicago Marine CanvasVisiting Chicago from Florida for the summer. This 70′ Hatteras lost its bimini somewhere from Traverse City to Chicago.  We got to create a custom bimini for this boat to help bring the shade back into these boaters lives!

Our first step when we get a job is going on site to take measurements. We bring our 3d measuring device which is labor-saving and cost-effective. It saves us time measuring which saves you money at the end of the day on your new custom cover. After we gather all of our measurements we need and take lots of detailed photos we head back to the shop. We do all of our design work on the computer so we can physically see what we are creating, as well as be super accurate. This helps save us trips when we go to fit the new cover onto your boat. After we do all the design work we then bring it over to our plotter. This is another one of our tools that is labor-saving. 70' Hatteras Bimini By Chicago Marine CanvasInstead of us hand drawing out all of our designs, our plotter does it for us, quickly and efficiently. Then we hand all of our plotted fabric over to our seamstress, who cuts everything out and then starts the fabrication process.

For this 70′ Hatteras bimini cover we used Stamoid fabric in white. Stamoid is UV, water, and fold resistant. It’s very easy to clean with just water! Check out this video to see Stamoids performance testing videos! To sew this up we used GORE tenara thread in clear. GORE tenara UV, saltwater, chemical, and extreme weather resistant. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee. We used lenzip zippers which also have a lifetime guarantee.

We installed this cover on the day the Cubs won the world series! Go Cubs GO!

Seafox 256 Cockpit Cover

Seafox 256 Custom Cockpit CoverWe fabricated a custom cockpit cover for this Seafox 256 fishing boat.

For all of our work we create, we have to go out on site to take custom measurements. We do this with our 3d measuring device, which is quick and efficient. It saves us time and you money on your new custom cover. Then we head back to the shop and we start designing your cover on the computer. We make sure that we have covered all of your concerns and needs due to every boat being different. After we finish up the designing process we have our plotter draw out all the pieces of fabric, then we hand everything over to our seamstress and the cover is assembled.

Since the Seafox 256 is more of a fishing boat, we made a cockpit cover that attached onto the top of the windshield with DOT fasteners and then extended over and down the back of the captains chair. Now all of this Seafox’s upholstery is protected from rain and other elements all season long while on the water.

This cockpit cover is fabricated out of Sunbrella fabric in cadet grey with GORE tenara thread in grey. GORE tenara thread has a lifetime guarantee which means it won’t get eaten by the sun. Sunbrella fabric  is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty.

Since this cover sits against the captains chair we added a soft fabric called evolution which is easy to clean. It adds protection to the boat cover so it wont rub up against the seat causing any wear and tear to this boast upholstery work. Evolution is also mold and mildew resistant and dries quickly if ever wet!

We used grey DOT snaps to secure this cover onto this boat. No wind will be ripping off this cover this summer!

U-Shaped Rooftop Couch

Custom Cover For U-Shaped Rooftop Couch; UnzippedHere in the city a lot of buildings have recreational areas on their rooftops. Some of them have permeant furniture that stay up all year round, rain, sleet, or snow. Its important to protect your outdoor furniture from the sun and other elements to help them last longer.

These customers had a u-shaped couch that needed to be protected all year round. So we went on site on site to where the couch is located. Once we get out there we get out or handy 3d measuring device. This thing is so easy and efficient to use that it ends up saving us time and you money at the end of the day. After we get our measurements and take some photos of the area, we head back to the shop and start the design process. When designing this cover we made sure that water and snow could run off of it by making sure that there was a nice tight 45 degree angle from the back of the couch down to the front area. After we finish up the custom design, we plot out all of the pattern onto the fabric and let our seamstress get to work!

Custom Cover For U-Shaped Rooftop Couch; ZippedWe used Sunbrella fabric in black to create this cover along with Sunstop polyester thread in black. Sunbrella is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty!

In each corner of this cover we put a chain zipper for easy on and off access. If they want to access a part of the couch they can leave the other parts covered, and it also helps it get on a little easier!

Around the edges we added 2″ black webbing for extra reenforcement so we could securely attach the cover to the couch. That way when the great winds of the windy city come, this cover is safe and securely attached, making sure that this couch will be dry through all the seasons!


42′ Silverton Express Cruiser – Cockpit Cover

This 42′ Silverton Express Cruiser was in desperate need of an updated cockpit cover.

Silverton Express Cruiser Cockpit Cover by Chicago Marine Canvas

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we only do custom work, that means, no two covers area alike! The first step to our process is to physically go out to your boat and take measurements using our 3D measuring device. This is one of our many cost-effective, labors-saving tools. After we quickly gather our measurements we head back to our shop to begin our design process. We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. With this tool, we can see a 3D version of your new cover before we even draw it out! This way we can make sure that everything is perfect and all of your needs are met.

For this cockpit cover we used Erin Green Sunbrella Plus fabric, which has a polyurethane backing on the inside of the cover, it helps really ensure water resistance for this boat cover! We also used GORE Tenara thread in clear, which has a lifetime guarantee to outlast your canvas! This thread is great for boat covers because it is UV resistant and wont wear out over time! This cover also had two Boat Vent II pole holders helping to prevent water from pooling on the cover, and to help create airflow through the boat while the cover is up. This can help prevent mold and mildew from building up inside the boat cover when its up! We used DOT Snaps to attach the cover to the boat to finish it off!

Navigation Console Cover

img_20160802_085850949_hdrNeed a custom cover for your navigation console? Were the people to come to. Using our 3D measuring device, we can assure to fit all your boats needs.


We created this custom cover out of Black Sunbrella fabric. Using DOT snaps, it snaps right onto the console itself making sure the wind wont take it away, and your navigation area will stay dry!

Blarney Island Shuttle Boat - 2017 Marine Fabricator's Association Award of Excellence: Powerboat – Rigid Enclosures

Blarney Island Pontoon – Full Enclosure

img_20160629_085222226Blarney Island contacted us with a big job that got us super excited! They told us they had a pontoon boat that held 40 passengers and it was in need of a new full enclosure.

img_20160629_085409585_hdrWe used Stamoid Heavy in Royal Blue. We used GORE Tenara thread, and Lenzip zippers, both of these things are guaranteed for life to last!

The three forward windows for this enclosure is made out of Makrolon to add a little more stability to the structure of this cover. Makrolon is aimg_20160629_085331391 harder type of glass that has a little bit of flexibility, but not where near as much as Strataglass or Eisenglass. For the other 12 windows, we used Strataglass.

Every panel on this boat is connected to the awning track by kedar being attached to zippers we sewed to each img_20160629_085531384window. This allowed the boat to have a very clean look inside, and out!






Patio Furniture Cover

patio-furniture-coversWe designed a custom cover for this patio furniture out of Black Sunbrella fabric.

A cover like this is great for helping to keep your outdoor furniture dry when it’s rainy, and also protect it from dirt and other debris when it isn’t in use!

Got some patio furniture that needs custom cover? Give us a call!