Seafox 256 Cockpit Cover

Seafox 256 Custom Cockpit CoverWe fabricated a custom cockpit cover for this Seafox 256 fishing boat.

For all of our work we create, we have to go out on site to take custom measurements. We do this with our 3d measuring device, which is quick and efficient. It saves us time and you money on your new custom cover. Then we head back to the shop and we start designing your cover on the computer. We make sure that we have covered all of your concerns and needs due to every boat being different. After we finish up the designing process we have our plotter draw out all the pieces of fabric, then we hand everything over to our seamstress and the cover is assembled.

Since the Seafox 256 is more of a fishing boat, we made a cockpit cover that attached onto the top of the windshield with DOT fasteners and then extended over and down the back of the captains chair. Now all of this Seafox’s upholstery is protected from rain and other elements all season long while on the water.

This cockpit cover is fabricated out of Sunbrella fabric in cadet grey with GORE tenara thread in grey. GORE tenara thread has a lifetime guarantee which means it won’t get eaten by the sun. Sunbrella fabric  is fade resistant and has a 10 year warranty.

Since this cover sits against the captains chair we added a soft fabric called evolution which is easy to clean. It adds protection to the boat cover so it wont rub up against the seat causing any wear and tear to this boast upholstery work. Evolution is also mold and mildew resistant and dries quickly if ever wet!

We used grey DOT snaps to secure this cover onto this boat. No wind will be ripping off this cover this summer!