31′ Tiara – Open Enclosure

tiara-3100-profileThe owner’s of the 31′ Tiara reached out to us for a new open enclosure. Using our 3D portable measuring device we made a design using CAD software to create this marine cover.

The customer decided on Sunbrella Black canvas for this new enclosure along with Strataglass for their new windows. The customer decided to have us construct this new boat cover using Gore Tenara thread which is guaranteed to last a life time from weather, water, and sun! We also used Lenzip zippers on this enclosure between all of the panels on the boat that also come with a lifetime guarantee.tiara-3100-drop-curtains

The back consists of three drop down panels that easily roll up to open up access to the back end of the boat.

We also created a one piece Aft
cover for this boat which consisted of only Sunbrella fabric that attached to the radar arch using Silver DOT snaps to attach to the boat. tiara-3100-aft-cover


30′ Bayliner Ciera – Full Enclosure

img_20160901_111738462This customer called us up telling us about their 30′ Bayliner Ciera which was in need of a full enclosure! This customer wanted maximum visibility with their new marine canvas!

img_20160901_111848126_hdrThe first step in this process was having the customer pick out the materials they wanted us to use to fabricate their enclosure. They picked a Sunbrella Navy fabric, Lenzip zippers, Navy DOT snaps, Gore Tenara thread, which has a lifetime guarantee from weather, sun, and water, and double polished Eisenglass.

img_20160901_111131412_hdrAfter the customer picked out the materials they wanted us to use, we started the design process. For the Aft part of the boat, we designed four large panels that were mainly glass, for the maximum visibility.

img_20160901_111029658_hdrFor the Forward part of the boat, we created five large windows. We again used mostly Eisenglass to create the forward panels giving this cover a nice clean look to it.

At the end of this project this boat looks great from the inside out with its brand new full enclosure! 


24′ Bayliner Ciera – Cockpit Cover

24' Bayliner Ciera BeforeThis boat owner reached out to us in desperate need of a new cockpit cover for his 24′ Bayliner Ciera. In speaking with him he said he could have the worst cockpit cover we’ve ever seen currently on his boat, he wasn’t kidding! This cover was old, faded, and falling apart. It simply wasn’t doing the job anymore!

So, the customer decided that he wanted a cockpit cover that started at the top of the windshield for easy  on/off accessibility instead of over the windshield which provides maximum protection.

ciera_240_bowIt was sewn with Sunbrella Captain’s Navy canvas and Gore Tenara heavy marine grade thread, which comes with a lifetime guarantee not to degrade from the weather, sun, or water!

Before & After

A mix of DOT snap and twist fasteners were used on the project along with a Boat Vent II pole holder which allows air flow into the cockpit while the cover is up. In  the end, this project turned out great! This cover helped make this boat look more clean and up to date!