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Azimut 39′ Flybridge

Azimut 39' FlybridgeA great way to update your boat is to update the flooring. This summer, while working with Crowley’s Yacht Yard, we got a job working on a Azimut 39′ Flybridge that involved all new interior and exterior flooring. As well as a new folding seat on the bridge.  Crowley’s allows us year round access to all their customers boats in storage, allowing us to do work even when snow is around! This way your boat is ready to go when boating season is back!

For the exterior aft area, swim platform  and interior bathrooms, we Azimut 39' Flybridgeused Dockside Decking in cream over black.  This flooring was chose for this area of the boat because it is non-slip, shock absorbent, and reduces deck temperatures. It is also easy to clean and is stain resistant. Dockside decking is put on your boat, with an adhesive 3M backing, so its there to stay!

Azimut 39' FlybridgeUp on the flybridge we did some upholstery work. These customers wanted more seating on the flybridge when using the boat. They needed a seat that would fold down when the canvas was up on the boat. So we made a custom folding seat, that could be folded down when not in use. For the frame of this seat we used stainless steel tubing and hinges. For the base Azimut 39' Flybridgeof the seat and the backrest, we used starboard. Starboard is a marine grade plastic that we love to use on new upholstery work. It is non absorbent, which means that it won’t get water logged when it rains so it wont rot like wood.  We did a full back upholstered bench seat with Ship 2 Shore vinyl. We did double needle stitching, to make sure that the new custom seat matched the existing seats on the flybridge.


Reclining Dual Sunpads

Reclining Dual SunpadsWe created some custom reclining dual sunpads we created for this Cruisers Yacht 390 SC just in time for the Chicago Air and Water Show!!! The Chicago Air and Water Show is the largest free show, of its kind in the country! It happens right on and above Lake Michigan at North Ave. Beach.

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we can create anything quickly and efficiently many of our labor-saving tools. We start off all of our projects by going on site to take pinpoint measurements with our 3D measuring device. After we gather the Reclining Dual Sunpadsmeasurements, we head back to our shop and start our design process. We do all of our design work using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software. This allows us to visually see the piece on hand, before we start to psychically put it together. For these sunpads, the customers wanted something that could lay completely flat, as well as sit up to watch the show in front of them.

For these sunpads we used Sunbrella upholstery fabric in Adaptation Indigo. Sunbrella upholstery fabrics come with a 5 year limited warranty and is super easy to clean! upholstery fabric is easy to clean! You can brush off any loose debris before it becomes embedded into the fabric. If you spill anything on the fabric, you can spot clean it before stains set by blotting the spill with a dry cloth. For more information on how to clean up other spills click this link!  The bottom layer of these sunpads are fabricated out of a white screen that helps with water drainage. So when it rains, your sunpads wont stay wet, the water will drain out of the bottom easily!Reclining Dual Sunpads

We also used Drifast foam for these two sunpads. Drifast is a open celled foam that allows water to flow through it instead of absorbing it. So if it rains, these cushions will dry out faster then others with different foam. To ensure that your sunpads wont go flying off  your boat when cruising on Lake Michigan we attached a kedar track to the front and sides of these sunpads.

These two sunpads can lay completely flat, and recline up into three different positions. If you have a flat deck where your sunpad would sit, these recliners can be custom made for your boat.

Custom Quad Sunpads

Custom Quad SunpadsThis SeaRay Sedan Bridge 390 had lots of deck space so we went a head and designed four custom sunpads to fit the bow of the boat.

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, everything we do is custom! So we can make anything you have in mind when it comes to design and functionality. Did your last sunpad get taken away by the Chicago winds!? We can make sure your new sunpad is securely attached to your boat so you wont have to worry about it being gone when you come back to your boat! Is your sunpad looking drab? We have access to lots of fun patterns that can make your boat look chic out on the water this year.

Custom Quad SunpadsThe first step to our process is going out to your boat to take measurements. Here at Chicago Marine Canvas we use a lot of labor-saving, cost-effective tools. Our 3D measuring device is one of those tools! We quickly measure your boat and then head back to the shop to start our design process. We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) software. Once we finish that up, we send everything over to our plotter, another one of our cost-effective, labor-saving tools. Our plotter draws out the pattern of your new sunpads perfectly!

For these sunpads we used Sunbrella upholstery fabric in the pattern Adaptation Stone! We can make sunpads out of any material you’d prefer, but we recommend using Sunbrellla upholstery fabric because it’s softer on your skin, easy to clean in a washing machine, and has many different designs and colors available! Sunbrella upholstery fabric comes with a 5 year warranty. For thread we used Solar Fix which is a PTFE  or a Polytetrafluoroethylene type of thread, which is also known as teflon, that  is guaranteed for life! That means you can say goodbye to repairs that involve restitching. This thread doesn’t get eaten by the sunlight, salt water, or other outside elements.

Custom Quad SunpadsWe used DriFast foam for these sunpads. Drifast foam is a firm open celled foam that is very porous. It allows water to run through it easily, instead of absorbing it like other closed cell foams. It even keeps you cool when you are on it due to the open cells of the foam allowing air to move freely through the foam. This foam is antimicrobial which helps prevent microorganism growth which happens in wet areas.


We re-created these three cushions for a customer. They wanted the same design as their old cushions, so it would still match the rest of their boat. We matched fabric color with a vinyl that was from Ship2Shore. Ship2Shore has many colors, shades, and textures. So if you are ever looking to get your cushions re-made to match the other ones on your boat, its a great option, because they have so many options, and you are most likely to find a extremely close, if not exact match to the fabric.
After we picked out the fabric, we took measurements of the cushions using our 3D measuring device. Then we go to the computer, and make up the designs in CAD software. After that we take the computer to our plotter and hook it up. We have the plotter draw out the pattern for the cushions and then hand cut the pieces out.
Next we make the piping. After we make the piping, we start to sew everything else together. After we sewed it up, we stretch it over the foam. This customer wanted to keep their old foam, which was fine, because it wasn’t moldy or out of shape.  After that we staple the new seat covers down to the bottom boards and then we were finished!

Box Cushions

Today we recreated three box cushions for a customer using Infinity Fabrics Superior Upholstery Vinyl in the color LTH04, which is a brownish tan color. We used Sunguard Oyster UVR bonded polyester thread which is great to use img_20161212_090038600on things that are going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight and weather of all kinds. Sunguard is twisted and bonded in a certain way that the thread will have the best quality colorfastness and performance when in use. It is an anti-wick thread which helps reduce seam leakage. Its a great strong thread to use on cushions that are going to be outdoors when you are on your boat!
Using our 3D measuring device, we took measurements of the old cushions to assure that these new ones would fit the right dimensions. Then we took those measurements to the computer and used CAD to finish up the design process to make sure everything was perfect.
img_20161212_153705131_hdrAfter that we draw the pattern out onto the fabric with our plotting machine and then we hand cut the fabric.
The first step for sewing these together is sewing the zipper part of the cushion.
For these cushions we did hidden zippers, along with the end of the zipper being able to get tucked into theimg_20161212_153816834 cushion so the zipper head isn’t going to be seen! After that we finish up the whole rest of the side piece that wraps around the cushion. Then we attach the top and bottom to the piece, and take our time sewing the seam down or up, depending on how the customer wants the cushion to look, most of the time we use a double needle
img_20161212_153719586machine to give the cushion a nice finished look. For these, we just sewed the seam up to the top and bottom of the cushion, so if any water were to get on the seats, it img_20161212_153756481would roll over the edge, instead of getting stuck in the seam!




Overstock Fabric

We have a large supply of overstock fabric on hand that we want to open to the public to buy. Need some upholstery fabric? We have so much of it! Need some waterproof/out door fabric? We have a ton of that too! So come on over to our shop, and take a look! Below is a list, so you have an idea of what we have, but seeing the fabric and feeling it will really help you get a better idea of what we have!

Chicago Marine Canvas
1907 N. Mendel St. Suite 112
Chicago, IL. 60642

Overstock Fabric

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Grey : 10-30Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Brown : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2: Aqualon : Cream : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Black : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Navy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 2 : Aqualon : Navy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 :  Unknown : Blue Basket Weave : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Yellow/Green Pattern : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Checkered Light Grey : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Pink/Brown : <30 Yards

Bay 3 :  Unknown : Red/White/Blue Stripes : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Aqualon :  Burgondy : <30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Brown/Blue/White/Black Plaid : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 :  Unknown : Blue With Colored Dots : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : White/Blue Stripes : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Burgundy Honey Comb Weave : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3: Unknown : Blue Suede : 10-30 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown :  Brown Stripes : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Brown Pattern : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Unknown : Purple Pattern : >10 Yards

Bay 3 : Sunbrella : Orange : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Charcoal : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Mountain Rock : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Ivory : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Black : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Blue : 10-30 Yards

 Bay 5 : Aqualon : Smoke/Neutral Rubber/ 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Unknown: Burgondy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Aqualon : Dark Charcoal : 10-30 Yards

Bay 5 : Unknown : Black : <30 Yards

Bay 5 : Unknown : Gold : >10 Yards

Bay 6 : Ship2Shore Armada : Lemon Chiffon : >10 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Ivory : >10 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery :  Black/Red : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 :  Unknown Upholstery : Burgundy : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Bright Blue : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Cream : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White Pleated : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White Pleather/Light Blue Backing : 10-30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White : <30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Blue : <30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : White : <30 Yards

Bay 6 : Unknown Upholstery : Cream : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : White/Black Stripe : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Brown : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Green : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Teal : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Navy : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : White : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Cream : <30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Red : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Grey : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7 : Unknown Upholstery : Dark Grey : 10-30 Yards

Bay 7: Unknown Upholstery : White Textured : 10-30 Yards

40′ Sea Ray EC

This 40′ Sea Ray EC came to us with multiple jobs. First we started off designing a bow cover for their sunpad. We took our portable 3D  attitude-collage
measuring device out to the dock and took our measurements to start the design process. Then when we got back to the shop we designed the cover using CAD. The customer chose Black Sunbrella fabric for this cover. We used GORE Tenara img_20160804_112549330_hdrthread in black which has a life time guarantee, along with silver DOT snaps to secure the cover to the boat. Our next job on the boat was creating a cockpit cover for the boat. We also did this in Black Sunbrella fabric using black DOT snaps. We used  a Boat Vent II pole holder to help create air flow while the cover is up, and to help water roll off the cover instead of pooling in the center! img_20161020_114836737After both of these covers were competed we reupholstered the boats Garmin cover using a Black Infinity woven vinyl.  Then we moved onto reupholstering all the outdoor seating. We did this by fabricating new foam pieces for the bottom and back of the seating. After that we sewed up the new seat covers forimg_20160804_111449357 the foam using Infinity woven vinyl in carbon fiber, which has a funky pattern to it, and then the fabric style leatherette. These two styles were the same color, img_20160804_111430981_hdrbut had different textures, bringing some contrast to the new seats! For these seats we also used our double needle machine to add another nice finishing touch for the stitch work!