Custom Sun Pads

These sun pads were installed just in time for Memorial Day at the Hammond Marina in Indiana. This project was customized to perfectly fit the costumer’s boat and vision.  



These sun pads were made using Sunbrella’s Adaptation Indigo fabric, which comes with a 5-year warranty. It was also made with Dri-Fast Foam that causes it to dry very fast. Since Drifast foam is a firm open celled foam that is very porous, it allows water to run through it easily, instead of absorbing it like other closed cell foams.

These sun pads have built in headrests help with max comfort while relaxing. Sunpads are made with 3″ tampered foam, whereas the head rests are elevated to 6″. It has integrated pockets and cup holders in the headrest to hold drinks, phones, and other valuables. No more having to worry about your phone sliding into the water while you’re relaxing.