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Sun Pad

Recently a customer reached out to us about wanting a new sunpad. His was covered in dirt, debris, and mold from being out on his boat for so many years.
He decided he wanted the same exact look as his old ones, and even wanted to keep the old foam. Some of his foam was moldy, so we had to use a mixture of 50/50 bleach and water to spray the foam down to make it safe to use again.  
After we prepped the old foam, we got measurements using our 3d measuring device to start the design process for the cushions.
After that we started sewing the new cushion covers together. These cushions are created out of Infinity Fabric Superior Upholstery Vinyl!
The bottoms of these cushions are all screen with an U shaped zipper to help easily remove the big piece of foam for easy access. The screen also helps with water drainage to help allow the cushion to have some breathing room which will help prevent mold in the near future.
 We also added straps along with DOT Twist Lock fasteners to the cushions so they can be secured to the boat so they won’t go flying anywhere when you are on the move!

Box Cushions

Today we recreated three box cushions for a customer using Infinity Fabrics Superior Upholstery Vinyl in the color LTH04, which is a brownish tan color. We used Sunguard Oyster UVR bonded polyester thread which is great to use img_20161212_090038600on things that are going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight and weather of all kinds. Sunguard is twisted and bonded in a certain way that the thread will have the best quality colorfastness and performance when in use. It is an anti-wick thread which helps reduce seam leakage. Its a great strong thread to use on cushions that are going to be outdoors when you are on your boat!
Using our 3D measuring device, we took measurements of the old cushions to assure that these new ones would fit the right dimensions. Then we took those measurements to the computer and used CAD to finish up the design process to make sure everything was perfect.
img_20161212_153705131_hdrAfter that we draw the pattern out onto the fabric with our plotting machine and then we hand cut the fabric.
The first step for sewing these together is sewing the zipper part of the cushion.
For these cushions we did hidden zippers, along with the end of the zipper being able to get tucked into theimg_20161212_153816834 cushion so the zipper head isn’t going to be seen! After that we finish up the whole rest of the side piece that wraps around the cushion. Then we attach the top and bottom to the piece, and take our time sewing the seam down or up, depending on how the customer wants the cushion to look, most of the time we use a double needle
img_20161212_153719586machine to give the cushion a nice finished look. For these, we just sewed the seam up to the top and bottom of the cushion, so if any water were to get on the seats, it img_20161212_153756481would roll over the edge, instead of getting stuck in the seam!




Outdoor Grill Cover

Outdoor Grill Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

We often fabricate custom outdoor grill covers for customers in the Chicagoland area. These covers protect the counter tops, sinks, grills, and cabinets from the different weather changes here in Illinois. Things like snow, water, ice and dirt can make your grill and your beautiful cooking area have a shorter life span. With a custom cover, you can help protect your investment!

Outdoor Grill Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

All of our covers are custom made. We start off all of our jobs by going out to our customers house to take measurements using our 3D measuring device. This is one of our many labor-saving, cost-effective tools that we use here at Chicago Marine Canvas. With this tool, we can quickly take measurements, rain or shine, even with Chicago winds! After we gather all of our measurements, we head back to our shop and our designer starts the design process. Our designer uses CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software to draw up your new cover. With this program, we can see everything in 3D, allowing us to make sure that our customers cover is perfect and just how they want it. For this cover, we made sure that the grill could still be accesses if needed in the winter. So we made sure to add zippers on both sides of the grill so the grill area can be exposed and can be used all year round. Outdoor Grill Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

For this outdoor grill cover we used Sunbrella fabric in Walnut Brown Tweed. Sunbrella fabric is fade resistant and comes with a 10 year warranty. We used Lenzip Zippers for the easy access flap. We also put black webbing along all of the outside edges of the cover so we could put snaps to attach the cover securely to the home, deck, and grill area! Making sure that your cover will not go flying away in Chicago winds!




Forward Window Replacements

A lot of people come to us with their canvas in great shape but their windows are on their last leg. When it comes to cases like these, we do window replacements. Today that’s what we are doing, forward window replacements.
These windows are starting to discolor, become foggy which can prevent visibility. They are also starting to crack which will cause water leakage. A cost effective way to help fix this issue is to replace the glass. img_20161201_152711526
We start off by measuring the windows with our 3d measuring device then we go to the computer and have the actual window size that’s needed to replace  the glass.
While one of us does the design work, we have another person prepping the windows. img_20161201_152755405img_20161201_152816637
We start off by cutting as close as we can without damaging the canvas with a knife to give us room to start using scissors to cut the old glass out of the windows.
After all the old glass is removed we cut out img_20161201_160148686the new glass for the windows. For these window replacements, we used Strataglass in Light Smoke, which has a slight tint to it.
After those are all cut out, we start replacing the new glass into the old canvas. Using seamstick to make sure that all of our needle holes can become waterproofed, we line the whole outside edge of where we will be sewing along the window. We don’t want your new windows to leak any water!
After the seamstick is applied to the canvas, we img_20161202_103100749take the new windows and line them up correctly, and then sew them all down.
After we are all done, here’s how they look. Nice and flat, and brand new! The old cracked discolored glassimg_20161202_112758192 is gone and your windows look brand new! When summer comes around your windows will look updated without replacing your whole canvas!


Sea Ray

Sea Ray Cockpit Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasFor this Sea Ray, we did a custom cockpit cover with custom boots for their framing.

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we only do custom work. That means no two covers are a like. We begin every job by physically going out to your boat to take measurements with our 3D measuring device. Our measuring device is one of the many tools that we have here in our shop that is cost-effective and labor saving. After we gather all the right numbers, we head back to our shop to begin the design process.

We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software. This helps save us time and you money. Here we can quickly design your cover, and see it in 3D before we even sew it all together. Once we make sure that all of your needs are met and that the design is top notch, we send it over to our plotter. Our plotter is another one of our fun tools that we use to save us time and you money. It can quickly draw out the pattern for your new cover in a matter of minutes, without any errors. After it’s all drawn out, our seamstress cuts out all the pieces and begins to sew it all together.

For this cover we used Sunbrella fabric in Heather Beige! Sunbrella fabric is one of our favorite canvas’ to use here in our shop! It comes with a 10 year warranty and is fade resistant! To sew everything together we used GORE Tenara thread. GORE tenara is a great thread to use for outdoor applications because it is UV resistant, weather resistant, and chemical resistant. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means no more restitching once your cover has been out in the sun for a few years!

Seat Covers

bench-seat-uncoveredCheck out these custom slip covers we designed for these boat seats!

We created these waterproof covers out of Stamoid fabric, which is a rubbery material that is great for keeping things dry!bench-seat-covered

Window Replacements

window-replacement-double-polishedCanvas still looking great but your windows are cracking or are starting to become discolored? An easy cost effective way to fix that issue is window replacements.
Our process is a little different then other boat shops. Over time your canvas can become stretched out or even shrink after its been on your boat for a while. To help ensure that your windows will fit we start off by taking your old windows and removing the old glass from them. Then we head out to your boat, zip the windows back onto the bimini and snap them down to the boat. We then take our 3D measuring glass-with-meshdevice and take real measurements of the windows, so we have a guide as to where the new windows need to be sewn, so they look great and fit just right when we are all done!
We can also help you pick out your new window material. Maybe you want Strataglass or Eisenglass.

Grill Slip Cover

Grill Slip Cover by Chicago Marine CanvasWe created a custom grill slip cover for an outdoor grill/eating area.

We start off all of our projects by physically going out to your home. Once we arrive we get out our 3D measuring device. With this tool, we can quickly take measurements of your outdoor area, saving us time and you money at the end of the day. After we get all the measurements we need, we head back to our shop and start the design process.

We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software. It makes things quicker for us and allows us to see the design in 3D before we draw out all the pieces. After we make sure our design is perfect and all of your needs are met, we send everything over to our plotter. This draws out our design perfectly and quickly. Once it’s all drawn out, our seamstress cuts out all the pieces, and begins to sew it all together.

Grill Slip Cover by Chicago Marine Canvas

For this grill slip cover we used Aqualon fabric. Aqualon is vinyl-coated polyester with a water repellant on it. It is mold and mildew resistant. It wont crack or harden. Its great for outdoor covers because of its resistance to weathering!

We used Lenzip zippers on this cover. Lenzip zippers have a lifetime guarantee! The zippers allow easy access to parts of the grill and allow the cover to be easily removed and put on the whole area!

42′ Silverton Express Cruiser – Cockpit Cover

This 42′ Silverton Express Cruiser was in desperate need of an updated cockpit cover.

Silverton Express Cruiser Cockpit Cover by Chicago Marine Canvas

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we only do custom work, that means, no two covers area alike! The first step to our process is to physically go out to your boat and take measurements using our 3D measuring device. This is one of our many cost-effective, labors-saving tools. After we quickly gather our measurements we head back to our shop to begin our design process. We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. With this tool, we can see a 3D version of your new cover before we even draw it out! This way we can make sure that everything is perfect and all of your needs are met.

For this cockpit cover we used Erin Green Sunbrella Plus fabric, which has a polyurethane backing on the inside of the cover, it helps really ensure water resistance for this boat cover! We also used GORE Tenara thread in clear, which has a lifetime guarantee to outlast your canvas! This thread is great for boat covers because it is UV resistant and wont wear out over time! This cover also had two Boat Vent II pole holders helping to prevent water from pooling on the cover, and to help create airflow through the boat while the cover is up. This can help prevent mold and mildew from building up inside the boat cover when its up! We used DOT Snaps to attach the cover to the boat to finish it off!

Navigation Console Cover

img_20160802_085850949_hdrNeed a custom cover for your navigation console? Were the people to come to. Using our 3D measuring device, we can assure to fit all your boats needs.


We created this custom cover out of Black Sunbrella fabric. Using DOT snaps, it snaps right onto the console itself making sure the wind wont take it away, and your navigation area will stay dry!