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Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl

Made in the U.S.A. Infinity Fabrics is the green way to accommodate your boating needs. Made with 100% recyclable materials, this flooring is U.V. resistant and has antimicrobial technology which prevents bacterial growth.  This flooring is pet friendly, and is unaffected by sea gull and spider deification! It also is unaffected by gasoline, motor oil, and grease.
Most flooring or carpeting use urethane backing. If you have this kind of flooring you will notice that once your flooring gets wet, it stays wet for a long period of time which will encourage mold and mildew growth among the fibers. Urethane backing on flooring also discolors, cracks and is shreds leaving a mess all over your boat. Infinity Fabrics uses vinyl backing. Since the front of the flooring is also vinyl this means that both the front side and back side of Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl is recyclable. The vinyl is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, so mold and mildew cannot grow here! Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl dries quickly and can never get soaked by any liquid. According to Infinity fabrics, if their flooring is submerged in water, it will actually float, not sink like typical carpeting.
2Care & Cleaning
The best way to keep Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl looking spiffy is by hosing it down on a weekly basis with clean water. This helps prevent dirt build up from becoming stuck in between the complex weave structures that make your flooring look great!
General/Light Cleaning
-Brush off loose dirt on you flooring with a broom.
-Hose down with clean water
-Mix a solution of clean water and mild soap (such as dishwashing liquid or a house hold cleaner), apply a small amount to Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl 14and use a small bristle brush to clean. After that, rinse thoroughly until all the soap residue is gone! Allow it to air dry.
Heavy Cleaning
-Mix a solution of 1 cup bleach and 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of clean water. Apply small amount of the bleach/soap mixture. Blot the stain with a sponge or clean towel. Rinse thoroughly until all the soap residue is gone! Allow it to air dry!
19Things To Remember
-Protect the area around your Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl if using the bleach/soap mixture. Other fabrics that are not made by Infinity Fabrics maybe have an adverse reaction.
-If you want to get your flooring professionally cleaned, make sure you ask if they have any experience with Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl.
-Always rinse Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl thoroughly to completely remove any soap or bleach you may have put onto the flooring.
-Be aware of the environment, bleach can have harmful effects on the natural environment around you.
-Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl should only be air dried!
All Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl could stay on your boat all winter long. It can stay on the flooring flat, how it is installed. It also can be rolled up, with the patterned side facing out, cushion side in!
infinity-lwv-table-settingExtra Flooring
Ask about your extra flooring scraps! It can be made into floor mats, door mats, place matts, swim platform matts, even a matt for your dock!
Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl has a ten year limited warranty!!!


Interested in getting rid of your moldy carpeting forever?! Check out Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyls different weave patterns and then give us a call!34


Check out their other products such as their supreme bimini canvas fabric, their superior upholstery vinyl, or check out their other uses for their luxury woven vinyl flooring.8



For more information visit their website or read their product guide.



50′ Sea Ray

50' Sea Ray Sundancer By Chicago Marine CanvasThis 50′ Sea Ray Sundancer was in need of a new full enclosure.

Here at Chicago Marine Canvas, we only do custom covers. That means, no two covers are alike. The first step of our process is to physically go out to your boat and take measurements with our 3D measuring device. This is one of the many tools that we use here in our shop that separates us from other canvas shops. With this tool we can quickly take measurements of your boat,  which will save you time and money at the end of the day! After we gather all of the measurements needed, we head back to our shop and start our design process. We do all of our design work on the computer using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. This helps us visually by seeing the design before we draw it all out, so we can make sure everything looks perfect before we start to sew it all together. Once we finish that up, we head over to our plotter, which is another one of our labor-saving, cost effective tools, and we begin to draw out your new canvas. After everything is all drawn out, our seamstress cuts out all the pieces and begins sewing it all together.

50' Sea Ray Sundancer By Chicago Marine Canvas

For this full enclosure, we used White Stamoid fabric. For the windows we used Strataglass. To sew it all together we used GORE Tenara thread. GORE tenara thread comes with a lifetime limited warranty. It is UV resistant, weather resistant and salt water resistant. That means no more restitching, ever when your canvas has GORE tenara thread on it! Our zipper of choice is  Lenzip zippers, which also has a lifetime guarantee.

This enclosure has 5 forward windows, and 9 aft windows, along with a 2 piece bimini. We also created 2 roll up windows on both the port and star side for air-flow when the enclosure is up.

Custom Grill Cover

Outdoor Kitchen Area Cover By Chicago Marine Canvas

Here in Chicago, a lot of people have an outdoor kitchen area. Most of these areas are custom built meaning they need a custom cover, from someone like us!

All of the work we do here at Chicago Marine Canvas is custom made. So we start off all of our projects by first listening to our customers needs, and making sure we can cover all of them before we start a job. Customers often want two different types of covers from us. A summer one, for easy access and then a winter one that covers the whole area.

Outdoor Kitchen Area Cover By Chicago Marine CanvasThe first step to our process is to go out to your house and gather measurements from your outdoor kitchen area. We do this with our 3D measuring device. It is one of the many labor-saving, cost effective tools we use here at our shop. After we get all the measurements, we head back to our shop where our designer gets to work. We do all of our design work using CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Software. This program allows us to see the design in 3D prior to us making up your custom cover. This way we can make sure all of your wants and needs are met! Once we finish up the design we send everything over to our plotter and let everything get drawn out quickly and perfectly. Then we hand everything over to our seamstress who cuts everything out and starts sewing everything together.

For these covers we used Sunbrella fabric in Black. Sunbrella is fade resistant and comes with a 10 year warranty. We used GORE Tenara Thread in black. GORE Tenara Thread has a lifetime guarantee.  It resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain. It is a great thread to use on covers that will be outdoors!



Blarney Island Shuttle Boat - 2017 Marine Fabricator's Association Award of Excellence: Powerboat – Rigid Enclosures

Blarney Island Pontoon – Full Enclosure

img_20160629_085222226Blarney Island contacted us with a big job that got us super excited! They told us they had a pontoon boat that held 40 passengers and it was in need of a new full enclosure.

img_20160629_085409585_hdrWe used Stamoid Heavy in Royal Blue. We used GORE Tenara thread, and Lenzip zippers, both of these things are guaranteed for life to last!

The three forward windows for this enclosure is made out of Makrolon to add a little more stability to the structure of this cover. Makrolon is aimg_20160629_085331391 harder type of glass that has a little bit of flexibility, but not where near as much as Strataglass or Eisenglass. For the other 12 windows, we used Strataglass.

Every panel on this boat is connected to the awning track by kedar being attached to zippers we sewed to each img_20160629_085531384window. This allowed the boat to have a very clean look inside, and out!






Need A New Bow Cushion?

bow-cushionCheck out these two custom bow cushions we designed.

Using Sunbrella fabric we came up with custom cushion designs. The foam we used is Dryfast bow-cushion-longfoam, that doesn’t hold onto water when it gets wet. We also put screens on the bottom of the cushion to help with drainage from the Dryfast foam.

Both of these cushions have snaps on them to help ensure that the cushion will stay attached to the boat, when going on adventures. The snaps can be hidden or visible, up to you!


48′ Fairlane Phantom – Flybridge Cover

img_20160916_113949660This 48′ Fairlane Phantom needed a marine cover for its flybridge.

We created this boat cover using Marine Blue Sunbrella fabric. We also used Black GORE Tenara thread, Lenzip Zippers both of these products have a life time guarantee. We used Boat Vent II to prevent water pooling on the cover, img_20160916_114003237and to add airflow while the cover is up. There is interior access with a zipper for this cover so if you are up on the flybridge, you can easily remove it!






Patio Furniture Cover

patio-furniture-coversWe designed a custom cover for this patio furniture out of Black Sunbrella fabric.

A cover like this is great for helping to keep your outdoor furniture dry when it’s rainy, and also protect it from dirt and other debris when it isn’t in use!

Got some patio furniture that needs custom cover? Give us a call!

Dinghy Cover

img_20160623_133837972This Dinghy needed a cover to help prevent water from getting into it when it wasn’t being used.

For this cover we had to keep in mind while designing it, that the only part of the boat that we could put snaps on would be the Aft part of the boat on theimg_20160623_134018202 fiber glass, the other parts would need some sort of strap to hold the front and sides down.

img_20160623_133910944_hdrUsing GORE Tenara thread, which has a life time guarantee, Cadet Grey Sunbrella fabric, and Velcro we got to work.

img_20160623_134121796_hdrWe made port and star straps to hold the cover down on the side, and Grey DOT snaps. For this cover, Velcro was the way to go!





Gas Grill Cover

gas-grill-coverNot only do we do boat covers, but we can do all sorts of outdoor covers. For this gas grill that spends most of its life outside, we created a cover for it. Using Black Sunbrella fabric, the water will now run off of it and keep the grill dry.

Got any grills that need custom covers? We’re the people to go to!

56′ Carver – Flybridge Cover

img_20160906_153431936_hdr56′ Carver was in need of a boat cover for its flybridge.

Using Charcoal Tweed Sunbrella fabric and GORE Tenara thread we designed a unique cover for this flybridge. Using two Boat Vent II pole holders, to help prevent pooling of water on the cover, as well as create air flow throughout the flybridge while the cover is up.